MIFW & Kien Fei’s Dad’s 51st Birthday

Both Soon Seng agree about one thing: We should try and do as many different things as possible while we’re still alive and kicking. Like the crab hunting down in Port Dickson – now that was fun!!

And on Saturday both of us managed to cross off yet another something on our list: Attend a fashion show.

Not as obvious as, say, bungee jumping I know, but I am a girl and girls naturally love this sort of thing. Not too sure about how high up it was on Soon Seng’s list tho.

Anyhuu, I was damn excited when I got the invitation from Mr SS to attend one of the shows during the Malaysian International Fashion Week. The designer in question was Celest Thoi, whose husband happens to be (a very good looking) colleague of Mr SS hence the complimentary passes =)

And of course I had absolutely NOTHING to wear, so I headed to SS15 for a quick shopping stint right before the show and ended up ringing up a credit card bill of RM400 T.T ZOMG. But then again I bought 3 dresses, 3 tops, 1 skirt and 2 belts, so I think my RM400 was well spent hmph.

Every guest took a shot with the MIFW wall (It’s not MILF hor!).

Hordes of cameramen.

The show was in Pavillion KL and thanks to Mr SS’s brilliant sense of timing, we managed to reach the venue and plomp our buttocks on the seats just minutes before the event began.

I felt pretty under-dressed as compared to all the bejeweled Datins around me.

The MC was Stephanie Chai, oh gosh I lovelovelove her dress!

And with surprising punctuality, the show began right on time, with model after model strutting her stuff down the runway. I guess as with all fashion shows, timing and coordination are key hence the minimal delay.

The team of Celest Thoi, Elaine Kong and Stephanie Ong were debuting their “Pretty in White” bridal wear collection which consisted of a whopping 30 pieces of your typical white bridal dresses as well as more culturally-influenced pieces and a few colorful designs thrown in here and there.

Love the dress, hate the model who totally overdid everything.

My favorite model of the bunch.

Quirky, colorful piece.

Creative use of traditional selendang fabric.

Piece after piece came flowing down the runway, and just when we were about feeling exhausted from trying to focus on the details of each and every piece, Stephanie Chai announced the end of the show with the finale piece being modeled by celebrity model Deborah Henry.

OMFG insanely gorgeous!

[OK wait. Is it just me or can you like actually see her breasts and nipples under the sheer fabric??? OMG flash lights suck lol. Nipple tape anybody? But seriously, she is HOTTTT.]

She actually looks really really young too. Geez I need some of those genes.

Finale walk: Celest Thoi and Deborah Henry.

The crowd was really supportive too.

Right after the show, Soon Seng and I grabbed a drink before rushing off to Balakong to attend Kien Fei’s dad’s 51st birthday.

Apparently, some people have gotten confused as to whether Balakong is actually famous for balitong and other sorts of seafood. The answer is no. It’s just an inside joke lar.

So anyway, we followed Kien Fei’s rather dubious directions (Use the highway along Mines. Keep going straight until you see a pedestrian bridge and a Petronas station on your right. Keep going straight until you see a house with tents right beside the highway. Make a U-turn. WTF??!!) and ended up at his house without getting lost woohoo Soon Seng we rock!

Despite being an hour late, we found out that the rest were even later -_- why does this not surprise me.

House with tent beside Petronas station and pedestrian bridge, yup yup can’t be the wrong house.

They had a very big dead pig!!!

Stupid boys found amusement in watching me struggle to put on my shoes.

I was damn famished cause I had only eaten a bun the whole day!

Kien Fei looking rather tan beside me hehe.

As with any noisy neighborhood party, a karaoke set is key in entertaining the guests – although it tends to get increasingly annoying as the guests get increasingly drunk.

Much to my amazement tho, all the uncles there seemed to have astoundingly good singing voices!!! I swear there was this one uncle (his neighbor I think) whose voice was so good I thought it was Beyond themselves singing!

Uncle not drunk yet.

Damn professional: They have slips to write down song requests!

The ginormous specially ordered cake from Secret Recipe cost RM270 which is actually quite cheap considering its size.

The boys. MEN. I should really start referring to them as men.

Yen and bf were the last to arrive, about 14 hours late wtf.

Kien Fei and family =)

Right after cutting the cake, all of us cabut upstairs to Kien Fei’s room to escape the noisy drunken karaoke singing. Jae Shen took to streaming anime cartoons which got the rest of the childish dudes engrossed too.

I don’t know why, but his graduation picture tickled me so.

His parents’ old-school wedding photos.

Buah tangan: Insanely cute animal-shaped strawberry-flavored jellies!

Don’t understand why I always gotta ruin the pic =(

Much to my dismay, I started feeling drowsy at about 10.15pm. And as if by clockwork, I was sound asleep by 11.00pm. Damn sad ok. I was still semi-conscious tho and found all that flashing and photo-taking rather annoying. All I know about what transpired after that is based solely on the photos they took.







See see, MAC’s gel liner really doesn’t budge!





Apparently Jae Shen was the next to fall asleep, so the rest left him and I in dreamland and they went off to some mamak to yumcha. But before they did, they made a pitstop at Kien Fei’s dad’s factory to collect some equipment (that’s what Soon Seng told me lar).



And then Jae Shen started snoring so loudly I woke up and went to pee. And then I went back to sleep until the rest came home. By then, I had already slept from 11pm-3am ohmygod.

The rest of us went home after that, leaving Jae Shen, Alwyn and Kien Fei to continue playing some lame Wii games.

And that was how I spent my Saturday.



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. soon seng
    Nov 11, 2009 @ 01:08:55

    ini banyak bagus.. crazily fast post.

    Oh, and thanks for coming along. =) glad you enjoyed yourself.

    apparently the crazily skinny model won best model award.

    And finally, congratulations!! =) looks like ice cream is in order.


  2. barbiesoo
    Nov 11, 2009 @ 17:10:55

    which was the crazily skinny model?? i cant remember.



  3. Eelaine Boo
    Nov 22, 2009 @ 21:00:32

    Eh is that girl Amy Tang in the “Kien Fei and family” picture?


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