Kepong Crab

The thing about people is that we tend to take things for granted.

We took for granted that we would have plenty more time together – so we made plans for the future but never actually executed them.

We took our bliss for granted. Which is why only after the posting results came out did we start to really cherish our moments together. Only then did we actually start spending more time hanging out together.


Anyhuu, today the few of us who were left standing headed down to Kepong to have dinner at this kononnye famous crab restaurant.

Robin had the pleasure of driving us there lol.

The place was packed and we had to wait in line for a table. However, the waitress there was really sweet and patient and their queuing and ordering system was pretty well planned =)


I look SOOO stupid kiap-ing his finger.



By the time the food came, all of us were starving after getting random whiffs of other people’s food here and there.

So an unusual silence fell upon the table as everyone gorged themselves. And this stupid Robin kept asking “Eh why everyone so quiet wan, so weird!” Dsh. Don’t disturb us can or not, we’re trying to eat ok! Lol.




I half-broke my nail trying to pry open a stupid shell T____T

Flower crab got, dragon-claw crab got, meaty crab got, wooden crab also got!

The bill came to RM30 per pax – very reasonable considering all of us ate more than we should have.

If we get to stay back at the bureau, I swear I’m going to buy a weighing scale and bring it along on all our food trips! Heh.

After dinner was Round 2 at SS2, to meet up with Su-Ann.

The first thing I made her do was to fetch me to McDs to pee cause the mamak didn’t have a toilet lol.

Somebody looking intellectual chewah. Oh, but I better not make fun, later she bitchslap me =(

After about an hour or so, we were all pretty drained so home it was.

Came home and was about to go to bed manatau Bilin was online so we started gossiping for like an hour omg.

Words of Wisdom from Bilin:

“You never end up with the one you love the most.

And you never end up with the one who loves you the most.

You only end up with the one with whom you can settle down.”

So far the first statement has been proven to be true.

The second one I’ll never know because I can’t read minds.

And the third one is what I’m still searching for.


[My brain damn kosong wan lor actually. All I ever think about are handbags, clothes and boys lol.]


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. soon seng
    Oct 26, 2009 @ 18:29:58

    i think lynn mentioned that statement to me before too.. or was it someone else? hmm..


  2. barbiesoo
    Oct 26, 2009 @ 21:40:00

    should be lynn lar since she ah ma like to repeat stuff


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