Dusty Musty Giveaway

Wife decided to go out with her friends drinking and dancing.

Husband okay with it because he gets to watch sports all night.

Husband hears wife stumble into bed around 4am and he laughs,
knowing that she’s is going to have a massive hangover tomorrow.

Husband wakes up early next morning while wife is still fast asleep
and goes to check on the family Volvo which she used last night.

Husband sighs in relief as it is still in one piece, same as before.

He then circles the car looking for dents and finds none.

But……….Wait a minute…..

W.T.F is that?



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. robin
    Oct 25, 2009 @ 02:22:30

    This is based on whose real story? Ur mum and ur dad? Haha..;p


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