Chap Hai

There we were, on an ordinary Saturday night, having dinner at Pizza Hut together.

The night was still young, so a discussion as to what we should do next ensued.

I of course wanted to go up to Genting to makan angin. Sadly, Miss Astro decided to make her debut there that night so Genting got ruled out as they weren’t too keen on getting stuck in a jam 500km above sea level (I have no idea how high Genting is lar, don’t quote me).

Anyhuu, after much yadda yadda we finally decided to take a drive down to Port Dickson – partly because Alwyn’s parents were there and partly because we just ran out of ideas.

And much to my delight, Alwyn decided to bring Woolie (his long-coat chihuahua) along!

As JaeShen so emphatically put it, “He every time also home alone so cham“.

Kien Fei, Bam Bam, Woolie and I =)

Wonder why big dudes always go for tiny lap-dogs lol.

Somebody Somedoggy got really excited when we stopped for gas.

Only upon reaching PD did Alwyn tell us that we were actually going to be crab hunting OMFG!!!

What the hell is crab hunting? How the heck to you catch crabs?

Apparently there are many ways. You can set a trap, you can use your bare hands + plastic bag, you can use a BBQ skewer and you can even use a rod (I think he meant a fishing rod).

Damn excited ok!!! I simply love doing this kind of kampung-boy stuff!

Emo Alwyn and dog.

Woolie wasted no time in annoying JaeShen by getting entangled in his legs lol.

And of course we city people had to have help from some true blue kampung boys. Who came in the form of Alwyn’s dad’s ex-lorry driver and family who are PD locals.

Damn farnee ok. Mum says “Oi aku nak masak ketam esok malam” and the whole family turns up at the beach to catch dinner.

Entourage setting off.

*Sniff sniff. I imagine the night must have been super exciting for Woolie =)

He started shivering halfway through so we had to carry him around after that.

Woolie doing a Prisonbreak HAHAHAHA.

I think I annoyed the hell out of the PD dudes cause I kept screaming and acting like I’ve never seen water before in my life lol. But anyhuu they managed to ignore me and concentrate at the task at hand.

All he needed was a plastic bag and his hand to catch the crab omg!

This one pulak used a BBQ skewer. Can straight away put it on a BBQ pit to cook lol.

Using a net to try and catch little fishes and prawns.

T.T I felt sad for the crab boo.

Contrary to popular believe, the water was actually pretty clean, although I can’t deny it was really dark lar. Maybe got big shit floating in the water also a bit hard to see. But then there seemed to be tonnes of crabs and corals and sea-life all over the place, so I think PD must be slowly reverting to its original beauty =)

A baby sea urchin me thinks.

Hideous sea cucumber.

Caught this prawn which had just changed its shell, so it was like really slimy and soft and disgusting lol.

It glows!

Definitely not my best angle, but oh well.

Ever the ah pek.

The sexy boys.

It was quite a fruitful night, I would say. You can tell male and female crabs apart by the shape of their backside.

At slightly past midnight, the dudes decided they had had enough, so we slowly pulled ourselves out of the waters. By then I was already dead tired from trying not to lose my slippers in the sea while at the same time trying to balance with rocks and corals underfoot.


Not even bothering to wash up, we bundled ourselves back into the car and sped home, stopping only for a super expensive supper at the PD rest stop.


Now, that was certainly a fun night! I super want to go crab hunting again, and the next time maybe I’ll actually manage to catch something =)

[Just realised we didn’t actually get to eat any seafood boo. Nvm wait for Alwyn’s Teluk Gong thing to finally jadi.]

K lar now if I get thrown to Sabah/Sarawak I’ll at least know how to hunt for food hip hip hooray.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. robin
    Oct 19, 2009 @ 23:29:31

    sooo funnn!!!! I always wanted to go try fishing and catch prawn, crab etc fun la wei.. jom, lets go fishing!! we used edmond as bait hahaha =)


  2. barbiesoo
    Oct 20, 2009 @ 20:12:07

    use edm as bait?? u trying to catch dinosaur izzit…


  3. Json
    Oct 22, 2009 @ 01:37:08

    call me ah pek pulak!!!]


  4. mein
    Oct 26, 2009 @ 13:04:04

    so nice.. wah you so happening la.. i wan go..


  5. SK
    Jul 12, 2010 @ 02:12:23

    Which beach in PD was this? looks great! 🙂


    • barbiesoo
      Jul 13, 2010 @ 19:39:56

      erm i think this was somewhere near the Avillion… but i believe any beach in PD would be crawling in crabs =)


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