Fun @ The Curve 19.9.09

A couple of my colleagues once told me MONEY was the solution to all problems.

For example, even if your bf was some super boring but rich dude, money could fix things cause he could like just book you a trip to Disneyland or something if you ever got bored.

I beg to differ. It doesn’t matter where I go and how much I spend. What matters is the people I go with.

With friends like the ones I am blessed to have, I could have fun anywhere on earth. People like them turn something as typical as Ikea into a wonderland =)

Love you guys!

Anyhuu, what spurred this sudden emotional outburst was tonight, when we headed to the Curve cause Yenli wanted to shop and Alwyn wanted to buy Ikea pillows wtf.

Shopped for awhile before we had dinner at the Bavarian Bierhaus which is somewhere behind TGI Friday’s. The food was not bad, although no way as good as authentic German food of course teehee.


Sei Alwyn took this pic with his Iphone and conteng-ed my face cis!

Shun, Yen and I.

Kian Fei and Alwyn.

Fishy lips ❤

Yun and SK were late cause they just came down from Genting. Tsk tsk gambling again ah.

Sigh. I dunno why still I hang out with that retard.

Yen was supposed to divide the fish into 7 pieces, but ended up smushing it into unappetizing pulp.

After dinner, we were supposed to head over to Ikea to get the pillows, but Yen, Shun and I got distracted by the Padini Concept Store, so we told the rest to go ahead.

Good thing they didn’t wait for us, cause we ended up spending ONE WHOLE HOUR playing around with the costume jewelery which was on 50-70% discount!!!

If we went out like this would you still be our friend?

USA flag sunnies. See oso feel like slapping.

I ended up buying RM40.50 worth of costume jewelery, which was actually really cheap since I got like 2 necklaces, a ring and 2 pairs of earrings!!! Shun got a necklace and Yen the cheapo only bought a ring pfft.

Tired of fooling around, we finally headed off to Ikea, where Alwyn was already done with his quest for buying 4 pillows.

Kian Fei crowning me the Queen of Hukashaka Land.

Look mum! No hands!!

Aunties choosing biscuits.

There were only 2 different flavours to choose from, but dunno why lar we stood there for like forever!

Itu Kian Fei ah, spoil photo betul!

Greedy Alwyn bought 7 packets of biscuits omg glutton sial!

How many idiots does it take to open a packet of biscuits?

Between us, we gobbled down a packet of biscuits, a hotdog, an icecream and many many many (free refill) cups of soft drinks on the spot.

The pillows Alwyn bought turned out to be a huge source of amusement as well.

Somehow, they were packed in a vacuum bag until they were really really really flat. And of course, Yen and I took quite a long figuring out how the pillow was supposed to be un-flattened.

Me: Oh have to blow air inside wan izzit?
Yen: HAHAHAHA stupidnye. Just pull the plug then got air go in edi wan la.

Apparently once you tear open the plastic vacuum bag, the spongy thing will start trapping air in its holes (dunno call what lar) and it’ll kembang into a normal pillow. And no Yen, it doesn’t come with plugs, you think life-jacket meh.

So now I owe Alwyn RM0.50 for showing me magic dsh.


After. Still quite flat lar actually. Maybe it takes some time to decompress.

Ikea stuff is soooooo cool!!!

Anyway by the time we were done jakun-ing, all the shops were closing so we decided to call it a day.

I offered to send the dudes back to their car which was parked in Cineleisure. But in the end they ended up driving themselves there while we girls camwhored in the backseats lol.

HAHAHA Alwyn looks so uncomfortable squished in my Kelisa.

Showing off the Vincci jewelery we just bought.

We are just too chio. Har har.


Had an awesome night with you guys.

Time to sleep. I have like 7 hours to sleep only cause we’re going to Melaka tomorrow weeeeeeee I love the holidays =)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Fei
    Sep 21, 2009 @ 04:38:56

    my name is kien fei ah~~~
    and hor.. you purposely included me in your camwhore photo wan lor


  2. barbiesoo
    Sep 21, 2009 @ 14:40:52

    haiyo kian kien same lar. eh we didnt even notice u were standing there leh.. camwhore lar u…


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