Delicious, Cats and Fun Things to do at the Bureau

Went to 1U with my fav girls, Shirlyn and Su Ann, for lunch and a movie.

Since Shirlyn had been practically dreaming of Cafe Delicious for a few weeks now, we decided to indulge in her craving for tasteless, cheng cheng, overpriced, aunty food. Lol. You can sort of see from the photo below that most patrons were in fact, aunties (I mean from the mirror reflection, not US lar).


(Somehow we all ended up dressing up in similar shades)








The heavy lunch was followed by 2 hours spent at the cinema watching “Gamer“. Big mistake. It’s more advisable to go in on an empty stomach with a packet of asam lest you get nauseous like we did.

It wasn’t so much the gaming style of directing that so many movies seem to be adopting these days – you know, turn here turn there camera shake shake shake – but the actual content of the movie that was puke-worthy.

Vulgar to say the least, I was surprised the Malaysian censorship board allowed so much flashing of boobies and butts to be approved for viewing, even for an >18 audience. And then there’s the language!

But then again if they were to do their job properly, that movie would be cut down to an indecipherable 15 minutes of screen time.

What was most disturbing was the detail in the plot. The many characters shown in the “Society” part of the movie (must watch to understand lar, sorry) were probably spawned from fantasies derived from real life inspiration.

Every new scene brought newly distraught-inducing images of how sick society can be when not bound to some form of control.

Anyhuu, Ah Ma disapproval aside, I think this movie would be worth watching just to check out all these geli fantasies dudes have. Totally a guy’s show.


The black kitten (Hitam) which my dog adopted has grown more and more brave, to the point of sneaking into the house and gaduhing with my cat for Rule Over the Rocking Chair.



And as usual, my cat lost -_-


As with any workplace, we try to encourage physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. So once a year, somebody decides to get off his/her ass and organize some games for our bureau’s Sports Carnival (WTF).

Although I don’t really think congkak and chess burn much calories anywhere other then the fingers.

The only game worth watching was the netball competition, of which I obviously did not participate.

Still, it was fun gathering everyone together in team colours with banners to cheer on the players.



Aside from getting involved in competitions every now and then, another fun thing to do at the bureau is to work on our artistic skills.

The result of our drawing contest, with the topic “Fat naked woman’s body with snake head“:


Don’t ask me how this silly thing came about.

Another fun thing to do at the bureau is to go around searching for fruit trees.

We found this tree with loads of jambu air once. Actually the tree was in plain sight, but somehow we never noticed the fruits until one of them fell onto a colleague’s car and burst into a mess of juice and pink bits.

And then we even found a tree with massive cempedak fruits!!! They aren’t ripe yet, so we’re thinking of using a marker pen to write our names on the fruits so other people can’t steal them.



Last of all, a fun thing to do at the bureau is to actually work. HAH HAH HAH.

Jokes aside, I actually like what I do. Which is to evaluate products for registration. STOP ASKING.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. robin
    Sep 19, 2009 @ 17:36:58

    Ur that white cat so fat! What it eats? :p


  2. barbiesoo
    Sep 19, 2009 @ 17:38:12

    hahaha eat chicken, prawn, rice, cat food, dog food, durian, everything!


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