Genting 6.9.09

Ooooh nice date!!

Anyway, I’m like dead tired and I think I could literally fall asleep in 10 seconds, but I really gotta blog about this while the happiness still flows through me =) *awwww.

Went to Genting today with Alwyn, Yen and Cris, and it turned out to be the awesomest trip in a long long long time!!

*Points and laughs at the ffk-ers: Alfred (kononnye slept late my ass), Shun (got stye in her eye wtf), Yun+SK (going to Australia tomorrow) and Kin Yan (working again pffft!!! “I miss you” btw, few months nv chat with you edi wtf).

So anyhuu, as usual I was the only one who actually woke up on time and had to deliver a round of wakeup calls to the lazy bums at about 10.30am.

By the time we left Subang it was already almost 12pm, and by the time we reached Gohtong Jaya it was time for lunch, which was had at this restaurant called “Loong Kee“. The owner of the place is apparently Cris’ grandmother’s petbrother. So you could say he’s actually her pet grandfather lol!

Hak char fei (Black fried fat). No that’s not the real name lar.

Anyway, I suddenly noticed an aquarium filled with tortoises and I was like “eee omg they serve tortoises here“. And Cris looked at the aquarium and was like “yeah it’s terrapin but it tastes very nice leh!

And then Yen was like “uh, where are the tortoises? those are fishes lah!

I thought they were tortoises cause they don’t seem to be swimming but Alwyn says they’re just “lazy” fishes (Sorry photo blur).

I think I really really need to get my eyesight checked. But this Cris oso damn bodoh lar go layan me lol!

After lunch we finally reached Genting, full and dizzy thanks to Alwyn’s F1 driving. He can actually memorize the roads and tell us things like “we’re reaching in 7 minutes” wtf need or not ah so specific?

Transformed Alwyn into a British aunty, although in all honesty Yenli looks stupider than him.

Rushed indoors cause it was damn cold and we all needed to pee badly. Yenli ended up shitting as well lol. As it turned out, Yen, Cris and I all took turns to shit in Genting hahahahahaha.

No lah where got disgusting.

Oh and when it came to my turn to shit, Yen went to pee as well. And let me tell you, she was super shocked to come out of the toilet to see ME waiting for her lol! I can be the speedy shitting champion of ’09 lar.

The key is waiting til the very last moment before going to the toilet. Lol.

Camwhoring while Yenli shat. Gosh I look damn fair standing beside Alwyn.

And then Alwyn thought he had forgotten to lock his car door so back out into the freezing cold it was. My ears hurt so much they felt like they were going to peel off!

You can see the upper half of the building enveloped in fog (erm, I hope it’s fog lar, and not “something else”). Anyway this is what I do when my ears are cold but my body isn’t.

Too bad it makes me look stupid.

After confirming that Alwyn had locked his car, we headed for Coffee Bean to warm up our frozen bods with a nice hot cup of overpriced whatever. Aunty Barbie damn unhappy lor have to pay RM9 for a cup of tea boo.


At first glance Cris looks like she’s grabbing my boob lol.

After that Alwyn had to meet his parents who were gambling in the casino, so off we went.

Neither Cris nor Yenli nor I actually know how to gamble, so we ended up (literally) putting our feet up and chatting/channelling our luck to Alwyn who started gambling with his parents’ money – damn smart.

Parrots of the China Seas oooh how creative… my foot.

And then a passing guard noticed that we weren’t actually dumping money into Uncle Lim’s bank account, so he tried to halau us, albeit quite politely lar. Unfortunately for him, we have super thick skin so we ignored him and stayed on.

Cheh not like there weren’t any other unused slot machines elsewhere.

We are seriously so noob that we managed to amuse ourselves just by staring at the roulette machine and trying so damn hard to spot the ball lol.

“Where’s the ball?? Come out edi meh?”
“Oh oh I saw the ball, at number 9!”
“The ball not yet come out lar. Have to see the red bar indicator to know when the ball will come out”
“Oh you mean that blinking light”
“No lar, that’s where you put in the user card”

Anyhuu I think our channel-luck-to-Alwyn thing worked cause he ended up winning RM1800!!!!!!!!! Of which only RM500 masuk-ed his pocket, while the rest went to his parents boo, since he used their money as capital.

And it was a damn good think he won so much, so he wouldn’t regret agreeing to become our driver/sheepdog/punching bag for the day. See, Alfred, this is how you be a good friend hmph.

Happy and satisfied at last, we met up with a bunch of colleagues of mine for lunch at some not-so-nice dim sum place.


An hour-or-so of noisy self-embarrassment later, we said goodbye to the colleagues and headed for home, exhausted but still not done with our roller-coaster ride of insane random bursts of laughter.

Do we look stupid or stupid?

The night air was really nice and refreshing and really perked us up, so we decided to camwhore a little more under the moonlight/streetlight.


Cris thinks the trees behind us look like broccoli nyam mam mam.


See that long smeared streak of light on the left? That was a car which almost ran us over lol.

Bwahahahahhaomg Alwyn disappeared cause he’s too dark! Only can see the reflection from his specs!! *giggle.

Went back down to Gohtong Jaya and back to the same restaurant “Loong Kee” for dinner with Alwyn’s parents. But the food was really quite nice so ohkay lar.

After that Alwyn sped us down the hill and back to Subang where we stopped by at his house for a wee while.

He has this super cute and hyperactive long-coat chihuahua called Woolly which kept jumping about without looking where it’s going damn cute ok!

It’s so small it’s more like a rat than a cat!

So manja my goodness! (The aunty reading the newspaper is Cris btw)

K it looks a bit psycho here. Eye angle problem lar I think.

By then it was almost 11pm and we were all exhasted but I refused to admit that we were a bunch of old aunties (yes including Alwyn) so I dragged everyone to McD’s for a yumcha session with Yun+SK and Shirlyn (who ditched her bf who was playing bball and stole his car to come meet us lol).

Yen’s face look like kena skewed sideways hahahaha.

Technology potong stim lar haih. Oh oh notice how both Yen and I have pink water bottles *awww.

Called it a day at about midnight, cause that’s about as late as we can stand staying up sigh.

Emo-ed while licking my icecream. I honestly can’t remember the last time I laughed as hard and as much as today. It must have been really really long ago.

Anyhuu, I’m so glad I have friends like these, with whom I can just be an idiot and still they won’t judge me, cause they’re being idiots as well =)

Sayang you all *muah.


PS: We discovered that we can only be quiet in 3 situations:
1. While we’re taking a photo.
2. While we tengah emo.
3. Right after work.
Of course we’re quiet while we’re sleeping as well, but that’s not counted lar.


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sk
    Sep 07, 2009 @ 02:35:49

    wah really went up to genting. I knew it when you / yen replied(about the untung 1800 ) to the message i sent to his mobile msn messenger.


  2. barbiesoo
    Sep 07, 2009 @ 02:39:01

    er that was yen… yeah damn chun rite can win so much!!! but too bad RM1300 went to his parents lol.


  3. Yenli
    Sep 07, 2009 @ 05:16:11

    you people are like the only ones i can have stomach-aching-laughters for so many hours straight. love you all ❤


  4. Yenli
    Sep 07, 2009 @ 05:21:21


    …-laughters with*** for…


  5. barbiesoo
    Sep 07, 2009 @ 09:56:25

    eh eh i woke up got abs edi leh! lol see vibrating-laughter has its pros!


  6. mei
    Sep 07, 2009 @ 19:06:25

    hey liping.. how are you doing?? hows you and your bf?


  7. soon seng
    Sep 07, 2009 @ 23:14:07

    looks like you all had fun. =)

    and thats a very cute dog too.


  8. mein
    Sep 08, 2009 @ 22:15:06

    wah enjoy life ya..


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