Amazingly, I’m still awake 1 hour past my bedtime.

Went to Derek’s Balance class from 9 til 10pm, followed by a pitstop at McD’s for a counteracting supper, and a bath.

I think I’ve only ever been to Derek’s class like 4 times, cause the timing is a bit off. Plus he damn gay lol. But he’s really soulful and takes his class seriously.

For the hamstring track Derek played Leona Lewis’ “Run” and omg it’s such a great song to stretch too. I actually emoed in the class with Derek’s emo prompts and all lol. If you go to TF and know who Derek is, you’ll know what I mean.

Yeah so anyway “Run” is such a beautiful track that I decided to post it up for you to listen to while you go about stalking people on Facebook or whatever.

Sorry lah the real video isn’t available yet.

<333 Leona Lewis. Pray she comes to Malaysia!!


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