This time, this year: Merdeka 2009

Did nothing happening nor exciting this year.

Despite the fact that there wasn’t any road trip or holiday or anything, I’m nevertheless glad we managed to meet up for a late lunch and icecream. All we ever seem to do is to go find food lol.

Oh and somehow Yen managed to confuse everyone by telling Shun we were going to Klang for bak kut teh, telling the guys we were going to Taipan for Baskin Robbin’s and telling me we were going to Pyramid to shop. Ish. Anyway icecream won lah.

I had to drive since I stay the furthest away from Baskin Robbin’s wtf so all 5 of us ended up squished in my poor Kelisa. Good thing my brother just pumped air into the tyres. I think add everybody’s weight together also got like more than 300kgs edi harhar.

Yah so anyway after dunno how many donkey years of friendship, I still got lost trying to locate Alwyn’s house. Paisehnye!

Had a lousy lunch at Pappa Rich. I don’t understand why Yenli keeps wanting to eat there. Dunno HOW many times we eat there edi, everytime also the food sucked.

But luckily we had Baskin Robbin’s to make up for it. At RM18 a pint after 31% off, it still ain’t cheap but I guess 18 bucks is worth the quick fix. Each pint can choose 2 flavours samo, so it’s like eating 2 icecreams yays (I know it doesn’t make sense, but to me it does).


Shun and I ate a pint each, while the 3 “bigger” ones shared another pint between them *Shocked*. K lar, I guess everyone is trying to get into better shape. Some through gains, some through losses.


Oooh Ohhh check out my FAT arm!!!




Sorry lah I photoshopped the pics horribly,the colour became damn sakit mata.

My eyes are too tired and strained from completing TWO POSTERS and ONE INVITATION CARD for an upcoming Jamuan Perpisahan at work.

Quote boss:
“Li Ping has brought a breath of fresh air to the somber mood of a farewell party”.

*Proud of self.

Li Ping is a dedicated, hard worker ok.

Anyhuu, on the way home someone asked how old BamBam was and I said about 2 years.

And Jason was like “Omg I thought you’ve had him since you were a baby. So dirty edi wan!”


So sad. Sorry BamBam, mama never take care of you =(


Woke up the next day with a horrendous tummy ache. Went to the toilet to lou sai then ok edi. Sigh, wasted calories.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. robin
    Sep 03, 2009 @ 00:04:30

    Fuyooohhhh…boss puji wor…sure NCE lah u..haha! Ou..that creature in ur car name BumBum..wait I gv a name to my ultraman… :p


  2. barbiesoo
    Sep 03, 2009 @ 17:49:18

    ROBIN! It’s BAM BAM not BUM BUM wth!!! and ur ultraman should be called… “swt” lol!


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