Shopping yang tak jadi

Was supposed to go on a Dig-Out-Cheap-Stuff Mission with Khor and Shun at Sungai Wang this morning.

Now, I was already quite reluctant, cause I find Sungai Wang uncomfortably cramped and like this weird other dimension where people wear green and purple socks and think they’re cool. Add that to the fact that we were going to be driving separate cars and I suck at remembering routes, so I was really stressing out about getting lost in KL.

So when Kah Yie told me she was coming back from Kelantan for the weekend, I took the opportunity to ffk Sungai Wang lol.

Thought I would shop in MV instead. Thought wrong.

We were supposed to meet up at Midvalley to shop and have dinner. But becaue MV totally sucks, all I managed to buy were some “necessities” from Watsons like tampons and nail polish remover. Sigh.

And then all the restaurants had like this 2 hour waiting list cause the masses were to buka puasa at the same time. Another bummer.

Ended up at this Korean place at the Gardens, cause it was quite empty.

Which was obviously a sign that IT SUCKED *bangs forehead.

LOL Korean Food is “Good Taste” and “Stylish”. Even the inverted commas were used wrongly, stupidnye omg.

GO GUNG rhymes with cow dung wtf.

[OH!!! Btw Shirlyn I dreamt of you and Aun!!!!! Damn scary wan ok sobs.]

Check out that fat face of mine T.T

Kah Yie and her handsome Ah Fan (whose name I once accidentally mispelt as Ah Fei bwahaha).

Yeah so anyway the food sucked simply because it was soooooooo overpriced!

K lar I realise that it might just be because we’re just poor people, but the quality and service just don’t justify a >RM100 price tag for some raw meat you have to cook yourself! So we just ordered the soup + rice set instead of BBQ. Which was actually quite nice lar to be fair.

Shirlyn was emo about her RM10 tiny cup of “sugar” tea, although you can’t really tell from that fake smile of hers.



Miss my SS girls!!!

In other unrelated news,

I downloaded Britney Spears’ “Circus” album which rocks. Yeah, I still listen to Britney. Fan for life woots!

But then my stupid car Perodua radio/cd player doesn’t play MP3. So I downloaded this software to convert mp3 to cda format but then the stupid trial version allows me to convert 10 songs only!!!~

How how? Her cd got 16 songs leh! Takkan  I’ll have to eliminate 6 songs so sad huuhuu. Buy pirated cd only la.

Oh oh and watch this video damn funny wan ok! But let me warn you first, if you’re a guy, your balls sure shrink wan after watching this hahaha!

Told you so!


Was complaining to Alfred about not being able to see MSN profile pics. Luckily he was smart/knows me well enough to ask me to check which version I was using.

Told him it was 4.7

He told me the current one is 14.

So I’m like 9.3 versions behind T.T

Asked him whether he was sure it wasn’t version 4.0 instead of 14.

Got this:
“The invitation to start File Transfer could not be sent because liping is using an older version of Windows Live Messenger”.


The MSN Messenger actually came together in my Window’s installation cd and in installed it when I reformatted my comp. The dumbest thing was that when I first used it I was like, “Wow new MSN looks so chun”.


Now I know why it was called MSN Messenger instead of Windows Live Messenger. And no wonder I couldn’t see profile pics and send offline messages!

Courtesy of Alfred:

The new Messenger is damnnnnnnnnnnn cool btw.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. soon seng
    Aug 30, 2009 @ 11:35:35

    Try using Cdex, i’ve been using it for years, and its free!

    And the new MSN is.. confused.


  2. barbiesoo
    Aug 30, 2009 @ 16:37:13

    uh whats Cdex? like fedex?


  3. mein
    Aug 31, 2009 @ 23:26:56

    kah yie, next time got planning tell me earlier ma… then i can take leave


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