No seriously. F.U.C.K.ME.

A song only Britney could make work.

Anyhuu… I really got to rant here.







This has been the weirdest, stressfullest, suckiest, horriblest month ever!

Because the shit just keeps on coming.

First, I had encounters with 4 different guys who I had supposedly left to the past. Guys I never wanted to talk to, for many different reasons. But noooooooooooo they just had to come meddling into my life which really stresses me out. Fine. Whatever.

Then this stupid PCK had to go to the hospital, leaving me all alone in that stupid cubicle so I have officially nobody to talk to. Which is super depressing cause I just CAN’T not talk.

Unless I want to talk to the many product dossiers surrounding me =(

And then I got all stressed up about the stupid pharmacy placement thing which is going down in November.

And then I started getting all these nightmares about weird random things. I even dreamed of someone else’s boss for goodness sake! It’s so damn depressing to go to bed every night cause I know I’ll have another nightmare and wake up feeling like damn shit with muscle aches here and there cause I literally punch air when I dream.

Then somebody came along and dug an RM530 hole in my pocket. Although it is my own fault lar cause I hutang him for so damn long already. And I’m really glad that’s finally settled but still… Broke.

And then my brother magically found holes in my car tyres which honestly didn’t even make any difference anyways but he had them changed so now I’m double broke. Oh and my last oil change was 12000km ago so he had that changed as well sigh.

Then the breakup.

And then I caught a cold standing under rain and chilly winds.

But hats off to my mum, who thinks I’m fat. No, seriously? ME FAT??? What the hell is going on man. But yeah I do realise I’ve gained weight cause all my wonderful beautiful clothes kinda don’t fit anymore T.T

Must be cause of all these:





And if you’re wondering why I’m being such a bitch, well it’s cause I’m just empty inside.

Haih when will August be over?


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mark
    Aug 24, 2009 @ 00:00:08

    Nvmla.. at least no matter what you will always have friends to keep you happy and amused.


  2. Andrew
    Aug 24, 2009 @ 00:12:02

    Hang on in there! You’ll be able to pull through this…
    July – August (now)…equally shitty to me. Hoping that it’ll end soon too. Stay strong.


  3. barbiesoo
    Aug 24, 2009 @ 01:31:49

    awwwwwwww i asume u mean u?


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