Girls, please pay attention!

OK so there’s this drug called ‘bimatoprost‘ (brand name Lumigan) which is an opthalmic prostaglandin (try pronouncing it slowly 3 times, I promise you’ll get it) used to reduce the intraocullar pressure of eyeballyballs in patients with glaucoma. SUPER YAWWWWWWWN!

Or so it was.

Apparently some smart women (when I say women, I mean women, cause men would never in a million years notice this) realised that after using Lumigan for some time their eyelashes started to grow longer, thicker, darker and fuller!

OMFG is that a great side effect or what??? You can’t even call it an adverse effect cause there’s absolutely nothing bad about it! It’s a pure miracle!

So now the company which I assume holds the patent for bimatoprost – Allergan – started marketing the exact same thing (in the same 0.03% concentration version) for the treatment of hypotrichosis.

Bah humbug! That’s just medical jargon for NOT ENOUGH LASHES aka Asian lashes lah.

(Don’t you hate that the Westerners are the ones that came up with this? AS IF GOD DIDN’T ALREADY GIVE YOU ENOUGH! GAH!)

So after some slightly dodgy clinical trials (which includes the testimonial of one Brooke Shields), the US FDA registered LATISSE as a prescription treatment for hypotrichosis.

Before and after photo of Brooke Shields’ eyelashes. If you can’t see the difference you’re either blind (and need bimatoprost for your glaucoma anyways) or are a dude.

I really hate to say this but if you stare closely enough you’ll realise than in her ‘after’ shots there is a slight discolouration of her eyelids, which is one of the listed side effects boo.

I really don’t see the point of making it prescription-only tho. How the hell is a doctor gonna diagnose ‘a lack of thick, full, dark, beautiful eyelashes’? And it’s not like they’re gonna put it on for you; you have to apply it yourself everynight cause the effect goes away once you stop. Darn it’s a conspiracy I tell you. But anyhuu, I guess no choice lar since FDA insists on having a doctor’s assessment and supervision. Damn the docs are getting even richer.

(And oh yes it does come with a whole list of  side effects, although I suspect these have been downplayed by the company. Most common would be eye irritaiton, no surprise.)

It says on Wiki that stimulating hair growth is memang common with use of opthalmic prostaglandins. A few other companies even sued Allergan cause they claim to have already released cosmetic (non-prescription) prostaglandin analogs with the same indication.

Manatau one of them kena zhap lap by the FDA cause it was tainted with bimatoprost lol.

And apparently another so-called side effect of this wonder drug is that it reduces fat!! WTH!

Oh hey I wonder if it also works for normal hair?? Then we wouldn’t have to look at ugly fat bald man ever again! Just plain ol’ ugly man, cause I doubt bimatoprost works wonders on facial features. Sigh, that would just be too good to be true.

OK the only downside of this is that one month’s supply of this is gonna set you back USD$100++ bah! I could probably just get eyelash extensions for one third of the price sigh.


I super can’t wait til they bring this drug to Malaysia!!! This is super gonna make doctors and Allergan rich, but I bloody don’t mind cause we would all finally have lush lashes!!! When I say ‘we’ I assume I’m gonna be joining the ranks of the rich and fabulous anytime soon lol.

Gee, I wonder whether I’ll be the one to evaluate their product dossier when they do apply for registration in Malaysia? Even more reason to stay at the bureau!

(Can’t wait til they lose their patent and India comes up with a generic version teehee!)

Now if that ain’t GLAM pharmacy, I don’t know what is!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mark
    Aug 21, 2009 @ 22:18:57

    my brother is on bimatoprost and I can attest to the fact that it’s true.

    Erm, not exactly the glam I was looking for but my standards are always lower when it comes to you…so can la!


  2. barbiesoo
    Aug 22, 2009 @ 11:42:00


    oh really ah?how much does his bimatoprost cost??


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