Absolute Bazaar

A couple of days ago I was chatting with colleagues and whining about how I needed a new ginormous shoe rack to keep all my shoes.

And one colleague (who is obviously a dude cause girls would never say anything as horrible as this) said: No, I think you should just stop buying shoes.


Obviously I’m not going to take his advice, but it’s quite funny how different guys and girls can be when it comes to something frivolous like shopping.

I would NEVER think of not buying clothes just cause I ran out of hangars or something. Heck, I bought a larger wardrobe to accommodate my new working clothes.

In fact, I am currently looking for a cupboard to store my handbags. Currently storing them in my wardrobe, but since I keep buying clothes I need to kick the handbags someplace else.


I guess it’s a good thing I can’t afford to buy that many handbags sigh.

[Oh please don’t mind my yucky floor. Dunno why the hell parquet is so stupid like that, kena water a bit also change colour edi sigh. Next time if I’m rich I’ll buy a house with nice timber flooring weee.]

Anyhuu, I dragged myself out of bed at 10am on a Saturday morning to go shopping again.

Shun happened to mention that the Absolute Bazaar was being held at the 3K building today, and since Shirlyn and I already had a shopping date, we decided to head there.

It was quite a small affair, much less than what I expected. I remember somebody telling me that previously the bazaar was so packed they couldn’t even walk without stepping on each other’s toes hmm.

Nevertheless, we were there for a mission, and our mission was to find dresses to wear to Mein’s registration next month (YES Jing Mein is seriously getting registered to her long-time bf OMG so exciting man!!!).

Sad to say we didn’t manage to find anything suitable for the registration. See, the thing about bazaars is the clothes come from places like China/Taiwan and are of really really low quality, hence the really cheap price tags.

Oh well, I bought 5 items anyways cause resistance is futile.

Ruldoph the stupid reindeer.

This sort of dress seems to be in fashion these days. Ohkay sorry lah if I’m a bit slow. I found the little buckles a bit plain, so I got a matching belt to dress it up if I wanted. The only thing I dislike is the stupid reindeer print on the boob part, would have preferred it without any prints.


Dress for RM50, belt RM25.

Miss Soo Ah Lian.

This dress looks a little ah lian, I know, but I just fell in love with the soft flouncy cotton. Being a bony girl, it helps when there is a lot of material to hide the sharp corners wtf. Anyways I think it’s fine for a casual shopping trip or something.

Dress RM45 RM43 (yes, that’s my sad attempt at bargaining wtf), belt is my own.

Faux satin.

Slutty top with boob tube.


Got both the tops at the same shop. The satin top is really comfy, and goes well with that pair of black shorts I had on. Except that I’ve put on so much weight around the middle, the pants button literally popped off while I was taking it off cibai damn stupid. This is the 3rd time it has happened to that same pants, gee I should really came to terms with reality here.

The blue translucent top looks fine from the front, but is really too loose when seen from the back GAR! I tried it on without a mirror so I couldn’t really see how it looked like from the back. Yah so if anybody wants a slightly loose slutty blue top which shows off your belly button nicely, do tell me k.

Tops 2 for RM40.

Time to hit the gym to work off them juicy lumps. Too bad the Body Balance instructor today is really ugly and bald, otherwise I would be a little more inspired.


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