Baba & Nyonya Weekend Getaway

Juju and I spent the weekend down in Malacca cause I was pining for an escape from the concrete jungle, and he had always wanted to show me where he lived while did his flight training awww.

[Note: 99% of the photos were taken using the self-timer since Juju is so tak layan + shaky]

Got there right about lunch time, and since our route took us pass the airport, we decided to get down for a look-see. Turns out Malacca has decided to commercialize it’s airport and I think it’s gonna be quite massive.

Hurrah for gasaking the Singaporeans’ money!!! =)

His first plane was something like that, but even lauya-er.

In awe of the “So hebat! Like KLIA” infrastructure.

His old hostel was demolished and rebuilt. Stupid guards didn’t allow us in tho =(

Awww one of those used to be his BumblePlane.

Went right to lunch at Jonker Walk at the chicken rice ball shop. Had to queue up for almost 15 minutes under the sun GAR!

Looks like dog food, I know, but it tastes real good!

Had durian cendol at the shop beside “88 Jonker” – not nice, don’t go!

After lunch, we drove quite a distance towards the coast where Juju used to live whilst he was training (the academy’s hostel was too horrible so they moved out).


Awwww home sweet home.

As usual, we were damn champion and didn’t make any hotel reservations so we decided to spend the night at the nearby Everly Resort at Tanjung Kling.

The King suite cost a whopping RM300 a night; whopping cause the room was like shit. We so got cheated man.

Hate hate hate!

Aerial view of the surrounding kampung.

Right from the start we had a bad feeling of things, cause we couldn’t even get the door to open!

While he went down to get a new key, I syok sendiri-ed with the self-timer.

Miscalculated jumping shot.



Yes, still on self-timer.

When we finally got in, the dude jumped right on the bed while I continued with the kinda sad photo taking.



After I got tired of pressing the camera and running off to pose in 10 seconds, we took a bath and got ready for dinner.

Insisted on claiming our free drinks from the lobby.

Got mini arcade so cute!

Juju brought me to this place called Umbai Jetty where we had the most amazing seafood ever!!!

Not that the cooking was fantastic or anything, but the seafood was unbelievably fresh and C.H.E.A.P!!!!

Like, at first we were kinda nervous about the bill we were racking up, but when we finally got it, we nearly fainted cause it was so cheap!!

The place was really packed, so parking was a little difficult.

Gerais were right beside the smelly, stagnant jetty.

There were several gerais selling the exact same stuff, so we chose the one with the biggest prawns.

And by big, I mean B.I.G.!

Like HELO have you ever seen a prawn as big as a nasi lemak??! (But to be fair the nasi lemak was quite small lah lol)

So in total, 3 flower crabs, 4 massive prawns, 1 fish, 2 nasi lemaks, 2 otak-otak and 2 coconuts came up to just RM69!!!!!

At first I dunno how the hell the lady pressed the calculator until it displayed “690” and Juju almost fainted but then reading his mind, I grumpily told him “70 bucks lah!” (cause I am the more logical of us two, indeed).

Upon reaching back to the hotel, I promptly fell asleep whilst Juju spend a couple of hours playing with his newly acquired numchucks, which he proudly announced that he would use to “beat the shit” out of his enemies.

Inspired by Bruce Lee, apparently.

But then again, they’re made out of plastic and sponge, so I don’t think I should trust him to protect me lah.

The next morning was drizzly and emo, but at least it was really breezy.

Since it was raining, we had to spend the morning shopping indoors, and I found myself drawn to MNG where I got some pretty new things.

Yes, my bf is sitting on the floor of MNG trying to fit into my pants sigh.

Had lunch at this fast food place called Kaizer, which has the most yummy + cheap juicy burgers and fries, but the fried and roasted chicken sucked.

Finished off with asam laksa and more cendol at 88 Jonker. The cendol was real good, the laksa wasn’t.

And that was it for our weekend getaway.

It was so much fun!!! Seriously, if only hotels didn’t charge so much I would go away every single weekend!!! =)

(No I refuse to stay in motels)


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  1. mein
    Jul 13, 2009 @ 14:14:19

    haha u 2 very cute la, i cant stop laughing..


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