Ok this really made my day.

Bilin and I drove over to Shah Alam to have lunch with Miss Khor who works in Company X. Just cause we wanted to catch a glimpse of her legendary factory worker UNIFORM.

Totally worth the trip.

The moment I saw her standing by the street, gut instinct told me NOT TO STOP so I continued driving past her until she started jumping up and down and yelling “BITCHES!

Serious. It was that bad.

It’s bad enough I have a friend who’s a FACTORY WORKER wtf, but to have a factory worker friend who dons the most hideous garb to work… God save us all.


“HOLY SHIT,” thought the dude.


Bilin thinks she looks more like a toilet cleaner. I agree.


And we absolutely COULD NOT stop laughing for the 20 minutes that we were there. Yep, factory working Miss Khor gets only 40-minute lunches what.the.hell. I guess factory workers need to save money so they don’t eat much wtf.


Don’t those buttons just make you wanna loosen them up???


So yeah, I guess Kwo Kuang’s actions were justified when he forced Yen to change out of her top before having lunch with him. But if I were him, I’d rather she got rid of the PANTS!

What’s up dawg??! Hardeeharhar.



With her matching blue payung.


Yah and after lunch Bilin and I drove into her factory to get a sneak peak. Felt like spies, snapping photos here and there. As we were about to exit the guard hailed us down and gave a nice scolding tho, but we were damn rude and just said “YA YA YA *rolls eyes* *winds up window*” and left him chocking on our dust =)



Hope we don’t get Yen fired.

Okay and just so Yen won’t lose too much face, she’s actually a chemical engineer but god knows why she has to wear the same uniform as all the other factory workers lol.

The boss must be a little kinky.


Last but not least, I finally get to touch my new baby =)))



5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Yenli
    May 19, 2009 @ 18:50:46

    i still can’t get over the fact that the guy stared at me with that wtf look in his face T_________T
    after this entry, i’m sure people will see me in a different light. thanks a lot for promoting wei.

    which part of my company were both of you at btw? i don’t remember seeing the second last picture geh.

    and tell me more about the guard!!! even if you don’t mention my name i’m pretty sure they’ll know you are my friends. they could tell from the cars we drive. “klan kelisa bersama winnie the pooh”. tomorrow lunch time sure kena sound lol.

    lastly, thank you very much bitches. sincerely one this time lol. not bad i would say…we met up 3 days in a row!


  2. barbiesoo
    May 19, 2009 @ 23:08:55

    no lar.. he just aint never seen such a hot toilet cleaner lol!

    erm that was like at the end of the road lar i dont think u ever bothered walking til there hoho.

    the guard stopped us and was like “lain kali tak boleh bawak kereta masuk sini ah!!” then we were like “tak, hantar orang saje” and he was like “hantar orang pun tak boleh!!” then i terus wind up window and cabut hoho damn rude… tomorrow u sure kena wan…

    yahor our winnie the pooh is a dead giveaway lol.

    tomorrow dinner mau?


  3. Alfred
    May 21, 2009 @ 13:13:36

    Mong mong… your OL look damm killer wei…. Haha… If i come find you for lunch, you don’t have to change your clothes la… hehe…


  4. barbiesoo
    May 21, 2009 @ 17:22:20

    LOL OL baju haahahahah.. good thing is she can save lots of money. bad thing is she cant go clubbing straight after work hohoho… later ppl ask her mop floor pulak wtf…


  5. YUN
    May 24, 2009 @ 23:21:04

    yen…i tot ur uniform is brown in clour….


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