A tiny bit of Retail Therapy

Spent the last 2 days trying to cross out the items on my list. Failed miserably and I didn’t even hit my target spending of 500 bucks.

All I got to cross off were stockings and shirts *boo.

I know it sounds a little excessive to shop according to the amount of money I want to spend, but if I don’t identify a target I usually go home empty handed which is not good for my morale and such a waste of time.

RM30 dress which looks like it cost RM29. Very value-for-money two thumbs up wtf.

On Friday (LABOR DAY T.T) Juju and I went to Pyramid which is my favouritest place to shop since I’m so familiar with the shops’ layout and stuff. Never have to go back empty handed when I’m there =)

Got a pair of falsies and an eyelash curler from Shu Uemura. Both were kinda spontaneous buys (hence the absence from my shopping list) and cost me RM60 each. That’s 120 bucks for beautifuler eyes, tsk you Indians have it good with the thick lashes lar.

Super ‘over’ falsies and the famous Shu Uemura curler.

Okay but unfortunately I have to admit that my spontaneous buy of the day turned out to be somewhat of a disaster. I dunno whether it’s just me or what, but somehow I just don’t think I suit wearing falsies. Maybe I’m not used to having armpit hair growing out my eyelids.

Didn’t help that I decided to go for such an ‘over’ design too. But hey, it’s for a wedding dinner so maybe I won’t look that over compared to the bride =p

Oh and I hate the eyelash curler T.T Cause it’s too rounded whereas my eyes are pretty elongated wtf so somehow the thing fails to kiap the corner corner eyelashes. Why oh why didn’t I test the curler first before plopping down 60 bucks oh lord…

Shu Uemura I officially hate you.

K other than that I also spent RM260 on 4 shirts, not bad not bad. Purposely went and bought these thin short-sleeved shirts for my 2 week clinical attachment cause the hospital wards are so freaking hot.

The bf like totally KO-ed after just half a day of shopping -_-

Am really pleased with myself cause now I have exactly 10 thin short-sleeved shirts so I won’t have to re-wear any of my clothes while I’m up in the ward =)))

However, I only have ONE pair of pants which means I’ll be wearing the same pants for the whole 2 weeks wtf.


Saturday was a crazy day.

I desperately needed to get a dress for the wedding (which is in 2 weeks oh lord) so Juju and I decided to go to Sungai Wang for another spot of shopping therapy.

Although why we chose Sungai Wang baffles me.

The clothes there are horrendous, the parking system sucks, the frigging CEILING is too low and the place was packed with too many weirdly-dressed funny-haired colourful people.

So Mission: Wedding Dress failed.

Dissatisfied, Juju and I drove all the way back to 1 Utama to give things another try. This time, he at least managed to find a nice shop to tailor his suit.

Ei this photo-of-carpark thing really helps leh.

Me however… went home empty handed.

Damn sad case to spend a whole day itching to spend money, but going home without a single purchase.

So now I only have another weekend to go to get together a dress and matching shoes, and to get my hair and nails done oh my damn stress.

Nvm a penny not spent on shopping is a penny saved =)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. bilin
    May 04, 2009 @ 04:01:54

    is that the smokey layers, the same one you bought for my birthday? *big wet eyes. it’s actually damn nice lor. very nice in pics, i wore that to my pharmacy ball! and the eyelash curler is damn good laaa *defensive

    are u looking for a long or short dress? remember to get one which matches your minilin wtf

    if u can’t find any dress and wanna pinjam any short dresses lemme know then i can bring home for you to have a look. which is in less than 2 weeks time jeng jeng


  2. barbiesoo
    May 04, 2009 @ 19:05:31

    oh yeah smokey layers.. cause the one u usually get is kinda too natural.. dahlah i think all the other girls whu are going sure damn over oso wan… eh i think the eyelash curler just doesnt fit my eye shape ler thats all… boo unlucky me…

    looking for short dress to match minilin possibly pale yellow/white wee wtf… yj promised to go hunting again with me this sat =)


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