Emo Sunday Night

Totally uninspired and unmotivated here. Bummed that it’s 9.59pm on a Sunday which means I’ll have to be in bed in exactly 46 minutes. Weekends always fly by all too quick, especially when they’re spent doing fun things like lazing about the house swatting at flies and kicking newspapers under the chair.

This is how we do it in the Soo household.

Doesn’t help that the emo rain has been pattering down for hours now.

Oh well at least I FINALLY got to go to the gym for my yoga session. After 5 weeks of donating free cash to True Fitness, my tummy is about as jellyish as my ass and I can no longer touch my toes for more than 5 seconds without my knees popping in their sockets.

Did not go to the David Archuletta concert cause Juju we decided it doesn’t come under ‘quality time’. I guess it’s true, like why the hell would my bf want to watch me scream at some 19yo superstar when he could be having me all to himself. Yupperoo, to clean his toilet bowl and force-feed him with multivitamins, AHH what an amazing gf I am 😉

In case you’re wondering, yes this post is entirely pointless, except maybe to just while the minutes away til bedtime. Gee, I wish I could figure out how to download torrents so I could at least watch America’s Next Top Model or something. Heartwrenching that I’ve been deprived of my Heroes fix, cannot wait til they release the whole season 4 so I can go buy the pirated dvd 🙂

Speaking of heroes, doesn’t the Wang Lee Hom poster thingy look absolutely ridiculous? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been hearing loads of praise about his talents and yadda yadda but geez, why are Asian artists so fashionably misled?

Wtf is this, Storm Riders? ‘Music-Man’ isn’t exactly less silly either.

Joker lar he.

I can’t claim to be a fashionista, but at least I’m sane enough to know that that get-up is just wrong! Btw my sneaky parents just stole a peak at my latest bank statement and dsh I got a nice torrent of insults from them for being so lacking in the finance department. Like hello I just spent everything I had on a handbag ohkay, you think I millionaire ah can save money! lol. Superficiallity is so hot.


Ohkays time to go brush my teeth oh shits I forgot today is ‘facial mask’ day geez looks like I’ll be running a little late. Toodles <333


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