My Almost-Happening Weekend

My weekend was supposed to be a busy one, filled with exciting things to do and back-to-back clubbing nights. But somehow life is never that dandy.

After my 2-month abstainment from clubbing, the dry spell was set to end with the free flow event at Helo Bali, Sunway Pyramid.

But no no no, my life just had to be that lame.

Turned out Helo Bali was on a super tight budget, what with the economic crisis and yadda yadda, so all they served were watered down glasses of crap. And even that was served few and far apart. I dunno about you but IMHO if not a single person in the club is drowning in his own vomit on the floor, then it isn’t a free flow night. I even saw a desperate dude beg the bartender for one more glass of beer!

Fail. Big time.

And we only took a few sad photos we took before we decided to ditch stupid Helo Bali.

Oh but I should warn you, they are rather controversial so please don’t spit on me the next time you see me kays.


Yen-Shun-and erm…

I hope you were observant enough to spot something fishy about the above photo.

Cause it kept me giggling devilishly the whole night.

Okay fine maybe the night wasn’t a complete bomb since I got to witness such a peculiar thing.



Like WTH is a grandmama doing in a club???????????????


And why the heck did the bouncers let her in?????

I know I shouldn’t stereotype (or whatever the heck the proper term is), but shouldn’t grannies be in bed by 8pm? GAH why aren’t they implementing a MAXIMUM age for clubbers as well: prolly only allow 21-45yo in? Although 45yo uncles are damn disgusting… but they’re the big spenders I guess hmm.

Camera focused on the wrong thing sigh.

I might get myself sent to hell for this, but honestly, the granny kept popping up in our pictures on her own accord! Reason being she was jostling for drinks at the bar right beside us!

[Fine. I’m lying. We were trying to get her into our pics on purpose cause it’s damn funny ohkay.]

Turned our Granny wasn’t alone – she was in the company of her grand daughter who passed on a drink to her. WHAT KIND OF GRAND DAUGHTER IS THAT??? How can you bring your granny to a club and then feed her alcohol?

Wtf is this world turning into oh lordy…

Even that dude was amused by granny.

But yeah anyway that just goes to show how lame the whole event was.

Got bored of photographing granny so we moved on to Republic for a few drinks where all the dudes cursed at my 107th Concubine cocktail: Dragonfruit and a mishmash of liquous.

Ah well, so what if one night got burned, we were gonna be clubbing again at MOS on Saturday.

Or so I thought.

Turned out Juju and I couldn’t muster up the energy to climb out of bed so I spent the whole night sleeping while he watched football and cheered alone into the dark silent night wtf.


I seriously got to end this dry spell here, somebody pleaseeeeeeee bring me clubbing sometime soon!!!

On top of a mountain,
All covered with snow,
I shot my poor teacher,
With a bow and arrow.

I shot her with pleasure,
I shot her with pride,
How could I miss her,
She’s a hundred feet wide.

(To the tune of “On Top Of Spaghetti”)

Omfg I just recalled writing those shitty lyrics with Bilin back in secondary school lmao and singing it to teachers we hated =))))

[Btw I do realise I get called ‘Ah Ma’ frequently enough, but that doesn’t mean I’m literally a 60 year old lady okay. Hence I can club but all real grannies shouldn’t.]


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