With age comes wisdom, or so they say

Don’t you just hate it when your birthday looms around the corner?

However much people try to infuse this age-conscious society with inspirational lectures on how inner beauty and being young-at-heart should rule our aging, dying bodies, the fact is, getting old can never be a good thing.

Benjamin Button knows this all too well.

[For more information on aging and its downfalls, visit your nearest SKII counter]
Depressive musing aside, Khor Yenli turned 22 on the 8th of March which happened to coincide with the International Women’s Day. And I cannot think of any particular reason as to why I’m telling you this random coincidence but oh well.

As usual, the gang got together to celebrate her special day and to bring joy to her heart and peace to her soul and icecreamcake to her mouth.

Things got off to bad start when our dinner venue had to be changed, thanks to the King Crab restaurant NOT HAVING ANY CRAB.


How can you call yourself King Crab but tell us no more crab? Then how now? Serve King for dinner izzit?

King Crap betul.

Suggestions for alternatives came bountiful, and the air was thick with discussion, with me in favour of some other seafood restaurant. The thing is, I had mentally prepared myself for a crab feast and had been salivating over this for many days now. Once something comes to my mind, I just GOT to have it!!!

Sadly, Yenli suffers from the same Craving Debility as I, and so because she was the Birthday Girl and we were her mere court jesters for the night, we ended up having dinner at the one and only William’s.

That’s right.

That William’s mamak beside the monsoon drain.

That William’s which makes meatballs out of meat sliced off from the carcasses of rats that once used to terrorize the mamak’s patrons. And then serve the meatballs with spaghetti.

That William’s which offers a whole new dining experience, complete with the flavourfull scents of stagnant drainwater.

Okay I exagerrate. But a mamak is definitely not your typical venue for holding a birthday dinner.

As a prelude to dinner, we had a run in with the Hitz.Fm Cruisers who so happened to be right across the road.


No one else seemed to be really interested in the 2-strong Cruisers team, so to make up for the lack of attention, we made loads of noise and hoohaa and scared all the potential-meatball rats away.


But all we got for our A+++ effort were lame balloons and KFC vouchers boo. At least Yun and Yenli won ‘Fugitive’ t-shirts pfft.

Oh hey now I know why no one else layan-ed the Cruisers -_-


After dinner, we didn’t mingle too long as it started raining (goddamn you stupid clouds, go visit Indonesia can?), so we headed back home.

Yenli had originally promised to bake her own birthday cake/cupcakes since she’s unemployed and has too much time on her hands. But somewhere along the way she realised it’s a damn sad thing to bake your own birthday cake, so she backed her ass right out of her promise =(

Against her wishes, we got her a Baskin Robbin’s icecream cake anyways.

Mr Clown sits on a blue heart-shaped cake.

Mr Clown got sent behind bars T.T (Eh check out the tv in the background, tengah playing ‘Happy Birthday’ karaoke song!)

The gang ❤

The person who took this photo memang fail lar. Eh can either be Shun or me only.

Yays now Yenli and I will both be 22 for the next few months, til I turn 23 in November *hints. Luckily Barbie Soo Ah Ma uses SKII which totally rocks btw. They really deliver on their promise of crystal clear, fair and glowing skin!!!

After 1 month.

After 3 months.

So what if you’ve got hideous features??? With SKII, no one will be able to tell what the hell you look like!!! =)))

My beloved girls.


The chocolate chip icecream turned out to be really really sweet but nevertheless we gobbled it up.

What better to accompany ultra sweet icecream cake than Slimming tea?

Sometimes the background turns out to be more interesting than the foreground.

Aunty hair.

“Let’s do kissy lips!!”


“OI! Kissy lips lar Shun”


“Argh! Let’s just do something Shun can do”


Yen and I going mad/Our retarded Shalala footsie game.

The day ended ridiculously with a corny karaoke song belted out by all of us, just minutes after we had been ‘sounded’ by Yun’s dad for making too much noise. Tsk, we never learn.

So, Happy Birthday Khor Yenli hope you had fun love you please get a job soon xoxo!!! <333


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sakai
    Mar 15, 2009 @ 07:53:18

    ”How can you call yourself King Crab but tell us no more crab? Then how now? Serve King for dinner izzit?”

    HAHAHHA!! u r still so damn funny. lame but funny.
    no worries u r no where gettin older cox u still talk like lil gal lol.


  2. sooliping86
    Mar 15, 2009 @ 13:28:48


    ish… =p


  3. chancheeching
    Mar 18, 2009 @ 10:32:25

    added u to my bloglist.


    and, nice pics.


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