Puteri Gunung Broga

Although that giant pile of earth known as Broga doesn’t quite fulfil the definition of a mountain, I like to think of it as one since it is afterall surrounded by other real mountains. Kind of like the foot of a mountain mebbe?

So yeah, by my definition, I have climbed a mountain yays I am so hebat.

Since others will probably be blogging about this as well, let me bore you guys with my version of events.


Preparation, sleep and meditation for the mountain climb went out the window for Juju and I as we had a late dinner with his family the night before. By the time we had finally settled down to sleep it was closing on 1am and we had but 3 hours to sleep. Boo.


Alarm rang at 4am and I excitedly jumped out of bed, took a shower (I think I did lar; did I stink??), took a dump and shaved my legs. Waking the male one took a bit of work tho – I guess they’re just genetically preprogrammed to ignore our bugging.

Things got a bit messy cause we got lost even with a GPS, thanks to Barbie Soo mispelling ‘Nottingham’. Good thing there’s no other place called Notthingham otherwise we might have been driving for hours.

To cut things short, we arrived at the destination 45 minutes late, and everyone was already waiting *malus.

It was then that Juju and I realised we had been conned by Yenli the Khor.

This is what she told me Broga would be like:
“Oh very easy only lar, not steep wan. Around 30 mins also can reach the top edi”

So there I was telling Juju that we were merely going for a morning walk, and that he could even wear slippers if he so wished. I think both of us were foolishly expecting a tar-road of some kind along with streetlights.

We didn’t even bring torchlights, but oh well at least we had the sport shoes.

Lesson of the day: Miss Khor cons.

The ‘morning walk’ started off with a stroll through a oil palm estate.

The ascent to the Broga viewpoint turned out to be an extremely trecherous and exhausting one, especially since it was still pitchblack and half of the path had caved in due to soil errosion. Thank goodness no one pokkai and fell into a ravine or something.

This part damn dangerous, I fell on my ass here on the way home. Luckily my job at the bureau has made my ass voluptuous and cushiony.

Midpoint breather.

By the time we were only halfway up I was already panting and drenched in sweat! And my wonderful partner kept moaning about how he should still be in bed sound asleep sheesh.

After much huffing and panting and groaning and complaining and slapping at mosquitoes, we finally reached the viewpoint at about 6.30am, still plenty of minutes til sunrise woopie.

Broga gangsters.

Yer his eyes so geli wan.

See! So geli like Chuckie leh.

Dunno who the hell so free go bring spray paint up Broga.

The sunrise turned out to be quite a disappointment as the sky was chokefull of clouds and mist and I think Broga doesn’t quite face the East leh. It’s okay, we had a nice picnic up there to compensate.

Photographers at work.

Yenli and Vern Li made sandwiches for everyone *awwww. (I realise this heading doesn’t seem to match the photo, but if you look closer you’ll see I’m munching on a tuna sandwich)

Miss Khor distributing dim sum.

Happy campers.

The girls, minus our female guide *girlpower yo.

Eh tiger tiger!! Elephant!! Zoo! wtf.

Gambar penuh emosi.

Gambar penuh kesalahan.

Piggy back photo; don’t ask why Yenli’s dancing behind us.

Yenli wanted to hide amongst the special lalang which according to her (and her only, mind you) “cannot be found in Malaysia”.

Everyone scattered around, posing and being emo.

Malaysia Boleh!!! *practising for Mount KK.

This is about all the sunrise we got.

Not too long after the sun rose, it started drizzling so everyone rushed down. But damn cb lar the stupid fickle rain lasted only a minute or two. By then Juju and I had had enough of the beastly mosquitoes so we broke up from the group and raced down the hill. Which was actually quite dangerous cause I fell on my butt =(

Yen and Soon Seng, halfway through the descent.

Super steep sial!

The gang perched on a dinosaur egg.

All I see is Vern Li’s pink pants =p

Oil palm route under daylight.

So yeah, the trip up Broga Hill rocked serious shit and I totally enjoyed it, even though my brains were cotton candy due to the lack of sleep. I am so totally gonna find another hill to climb up wei; not KK tho, don’t think I’d survive it.

Gotta go sleep, waking up at 5am T.T


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Yenli
    Mar 11, 2009 @ 00:42:44

    i didn’t realise how high up we were because it was like (almost) non-stop climbing for obviously-NOT-30-minutes in pitch black surrounding. could have fall and die some more.

    nevertheless it was so much fun!!! i’m sure we’ll survive kk sooner or later lol


  2. soon seng
    Mar 11, 2009 @ 13:43:49

    actually i think it took about only 45 minutes, so not THAT much different from the supposed 30 minutes. 🙂

    the sitting around on the top was fun. Next round, will bring along coffee and food. I didn’t eat the pie that i brought up that morning.


  3. Joyce
    Mar 12, 2009 @ 23:13:53

    i want to go oso laaaaaaa!!!!! *sobs*


  4. sooliping86
    Mar 14, 2009 @ 20:46:37

    yen: let’s not plan anything until after we’re sure u survived your 10km run kays?

    ss: eh thats like 50% extra okay!! haha. eh i didnt know u brought a pie, why didn’t let us eat? i was like starving!!

    joyce: we go again when u get home kkk?? ❤


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