Valentine’s with the dude

Yar yar 2 weeks late in blogging, mah chat? (No idea what this actually means so if it’s a bad word, you can’t say I’m vulgar since ignorance is bliss hohum)

Valentine’s cont.,

Right after Bilin’s dad rescued us from all the Sungai Besi toll hamsap old motorists, I drove to Juju’s house to meet my car-less-horse-less knight in shining armour who had just got off work.

It was already past noon on a Sunday, mine you, but thank goodness I had taken Monday off woohoo 30 days annual leave roxx.

Dilly dally…

By the time we actually got to Cameron Highlands it was pretty late in the evening and we were dead tired.

I know!! Damn old school rite going to Cameron??? The idea was to re-live childhood memories together, manatau when we got there we realised that either development had turned the place shitty or our childhood memories had conned us babi pundek.

Stopped by at the first waterfall we encountered, which was a lucky thing as it also turned out to be the only one which was not too horrible (explained later).

Bunuh diri dalam air toksik.

Water was still pretty shitty and the rocks were coated with slime =(

As you can tell from my attire, Cameron ain’t cold no more.

On the way up we spotted a cute smiley face road.

By the time we reached Tanah Rata we could tahan no more, so we randomly picked a hotel by the side of the road and checked in. Ended up paying almost RM300 for a night at the Century Pines Resort and Hotel which was a total rip-off for what was essentially a rumah hantu.

Got up the next morning, took a shower in the bilik mandi hantu, camwhored a little and went down for our breakfast.

Honey got me flowers yays.

Bored bored…

Sorry lar damn ugly I know.

After breakfast we followed a couple of roadsigns that led us to a Strawberry + Bee Farm which Cameron is purportedly famous for. But that was probably decades ago sigh kena tipu lagi.


The strawberry plants looked like they were just beginning to bear fruit and had nothing more to offer than a couple of sickly-looking red fruit along with bunches of pale green ones.

Corny heart-shaped pond.

The Bee Farm, on the other hand, was quite the scary lor cause the bee houses were built randomly along the narrow path and there were like damn a lot of half dead bees crawling about on the floor damn kesian. Good thing I’m not too afraid of bees otherwise I would have flipped at all the buzzing and whooshing.

A dude deep in thought, bee houses in a field and a stupid looking scarecrow.

Closeup of the stupid looking scarecrow’s cousin.

Eh the bee farmers damn cleber hor, train their bees to read numbers so they don’t accidentally go to the wrong house!!

Superduperly smelly goat pen full of goat shit -_-

Overpriced honey and cookies in hand, we headed back to the car for another trip to the Boh UUMPH Tea Plantation. Remember not, young that time always got advertisement wan?

Up and down, round and round; the roads were bumpy and narrow, the corners were sharp and abrupt and the slopes were definitely steep enough to scare the shit out of me.

It took us over 30 minutes to reach our destination due to all the death-defying logistic obstacles and omg, we were set up for yet another disappointment!!

Scenery was gorgeous enough…

Turns out the Boh Tea Centre was closed every Monday knnccb*$&!@!&$& people travel for so long already leh!!! The least they could have done was to put a goddamn sign at the bottom of the hill before droves of tourists embarked on this journey to disappointment!!!

GAR!!! Boh people, you suck!

Nearly rolled down and broke my neck.

On the way back down the hill, I saw something that made me screech and force Juju to turn the car around.

“OMG OMG THAT DOG!!! So poor thing, stuck in the wire!!”

Turned out the stupid dog was actually standing on the wire to get a better view of passers-by wth. Cameron dogs damn champion wei.

Like goat lor…

Lowered the windows to sniff the fresh morning air.

Since we didn’t get to sip Boh tea and watch life go by at the plantation, we decided to stop at one of those little tea shops along the road to have a nice hot cup of tea with scones.

The shop even serves teh tarik float (ie. with ICECREAM wtf) to con tourists.

Full and warm and satisfied, we made a wrong turning and ended up at a little house selling strawberries by accident. The house had a fairly large garden filled with strawberry plants in little pots, and best of all, they all had nice red juicy big strawberries!!!


Omg heaven!


Bought a box of berries for only RM10, babi lar I should have bought more, dunno why we only bought one box T.T

Following yet another roadsign plus a little help from our GPS, we found another waterfall, called Robinson’s Fall.

I dunno if any of you have read ‘Robinson Crusoe’, but if you have then you would come to the same conclusion as me that this Robinson’s Fall was named after a different Robinson lah.

Mahai damn zhat palia lar.

The rocks look like they’re made of cement and the water looks like teh tarik. To add to the unsightlyness, TNB actually decided to turn the waterfall into a mini hydropower plant ohgod where is the justice Mother Nature must be fuming!!

Random ulu stairs.

Along the way we passed a couple of fellow kena-con hitchhiking angmohs. It’s really embarassing to our country lar to have these kinds of ‘tourist attractions’. This cb TNB already turned the place into a shithole, the least they could do is to remove the signboards so tourists won’t get conned into visiting the place mar.

Anyway, all the visiting was done by lunch time, so we had some yucky Cameronian food and drove back down, stopping by at Kampar (which isn’t exactly on the way lor) to tapau ‘min pao kai’ for dinner. The journey took us like 4-5 hours I think, poor Juju had to drive all the way damn kesian. Dahlah we took my car damn champion lor so small!!!

Momma iz proud of you, who says you cannot naik bukit?! =)

After dinner I KO lor. Stuck on a few pieces of Salonplast and went to sleep PHWOAAR damn pain here and there.


All in all, even tho Cameron turned out to be kinda sucky (probably cause we didn’t drive up to Brinchang where most things are), it was great cause you were there and I love you =)


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  1. Easton
    Mar 03, 2009 @ 21:23:10

    First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

    #1 Top Search Engine – Google


  2. mein
    Mar 06, 2009 @ 01:26:58

    OMG, look at juju’s face make me think of jui’s face when he was in sec sch.. really, in some way they l;ook alike, find 1 day i show u jui’s sec sch photo.. haha i think bcos both of them got big head.. hahaha


  3. liping
    Mar 08, 2009 @ 22:19:52

    har izzit? but jui so fair and juju so dark wor… ish just cause both of them hainanese ah.. haha


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