Valentine’s with the girls

This year, we had the best ever *PL6* Valentine’s Day – HAHAHAHA boyfriends you SUCK! [Just joking, love you hunny bunny]

Miss Bilin @ Yap Li-Lynn was back in town for a couple more days whilst her bf Mr Robin Jackman was stuck in UK helping Batman curb crime wtf.

My very own Juju the Hainanese Warrior was busy hunting, doing his best to put food on the table. Yes yes I know your job is a highly skilled one <333

With our bfs out of the way, we decided to head on down to Johor Bahru for a Valentine’s reunion with Cris (who is currently undertaking her medicine degree there).

Sadly tho, Shiu Kao was free which meant Yun would be celebrating V Day with him instead of us boo =(


This time, unlike many others before, our plans were actually executed and nobody could laugh at us and say we’re damn hangat-hangat tahi ayam.

The bus tickets were bought, everybody went to bed early and the lazy pigs actually managed to wake up on time!!! T.T Cris, please be touched by this.

Arriving at the Pudu bus station, Yen and I were wide-eyed with wonder at the hustle and bustle as neither of us had ever been there.

Still mong cha cha from the lack of sleep.

Our noobness was proven when we missed the bus, but fortunately they let us on the next one. In fact, we only noticed we had been left behind when the dude removed our bus number from the board *EHHH WHAT THE HELL what happened to our bus??? Don’t tell me doesn’t exist anymore mehhh???

*WAAAAH the terminals got big bright orange papan wan leh!!!

The drive down to JB was rather uneventful as everyone promptly dozed off 10 minutes into the journey. Our only pitstop turned out to be a rather large rest-stop-place-thingy which sold nothing to eat but junk food and rotten fruit, but so hungry was I that I ate the rotten fruit anyway.

Bilin and her crooked backbone.

Yenli brought her Mickey Mouse blanky and smelly baby pillow onto the bus, yes.

*Sorry Shun, no sleeping photo of you cause you slept like a normal person.

I, being a morning person/Working Aunty, whiled the time away camwhoring.

[The rest of them are still unemployed btw and it’s just so depressing everytime I have to go home the earliest cause I’ll be working the next day boo. Get jobs, will you please!!! Then we can all be aunties and go to bed at 10pm everynight yays.]

Pitstop where we ate rotten fruit. If you stare closely enough at Yen’s face you’ll spot a white dot that was strangely captured in the photo. Hmmmm toothpaste ads anyone? *sparkle.

By the time we arrived in JB it was almost 2pm and we were starving to death. Thank goodness Cris didn’t take too long to pick us up, and off we went for lunch at the famous Waterworks Laksa (waterworks makes me think of diarrhoea) which charges RM6.50 per bowl omfg, and which was also where Jing Mein stopped by for a short chat.

Met a nice JB uncle who camwhored with us wtf.

Following lunch, Cris brought us to a shopping mall, and I can safely say that KL’s shopping rox my sox in the box 1000 times compared to JB, no offense JB folks.

There I was, foolishly asking the Nike salesdude for the new LunaLite, when he started at me blankly and told me they didn’t have such a thing -_- So I went back empty handed and Juju didn’t get his V Day pressie hohohum.

Headed back to Cris’ crib yoyoyo at about 5pm cause we knew we would take forever to get ready for dinner. And we were darn right. By the time everyone was done it was already 7.30pm and we were late for our reservation.

Bespectacled Bilin does sexy hairtease.

LOL at Yen’s cute puppydog hands =)

Instantaneously turned Cris’ gorgeous room into a cosmetics warzone.

Cris and I got done far quicker cause we couldn’t be bothered with putting on thick makeup – which takes waaaaay longer to remove hor – plus the others had on false eyelashes ohhlala.

I wished I had more energy to fuss over my makeup =(

*Tick tock hurry up girls!

At last everyone was done and dolled up and looking stunning and we ran helter skelter into the car zoom zoom off to the restaurant, which name I do not recall. Which is so sad cause the food there was simply fabulous, exquisite, magnifique, bravo and kudos to the chef wtf.

Sorry hor, I chose the photo without the flash cause it makes me look less ugly compared to you all =)

Opened a bottle of red to celebrate (oooh that rhymes wtf), and LOL at Yen’s distorted face.

I really cherish times like this T.T

And at the end of the night, our mission to spoil the V Day dinner for other couples was accomplish BWAHAHAHA if we can’t have a romantic dinner with our bfs, neither can you!!! *evil grins. Cause we yakked so damn loudly we could be heard from every corner of the restaurant, even from inside the toilet, damn kampung girls hoho. Only sad thing was that I felt like shit cause my tummy ‘masuk angin’ and I was seriously sleepy already.

Every soul in the restaurant heaved a sigh of relieve to see us go heh.

Carrying on with the romantic theme, Cris brought us to Danga Bay for a stroll by the beach. By then, we were a little tipsy from the wine cause all of us SUCK at drinking wtf we even tapaued HALF the bottle home damn malufying okay.

Cris showing off her scary (and illegal) taser!

The girls camwhoring while I went to lineup outside the toilet for like half an hour!!

Random signboard? I dunno.

The place was crawling with activity – from cyclists and choochoo trains threatening to kill unwary pedestrians, to super overpriced funfair rides, to loads of al fresco restaurants to hang out and have drinks at.

Neon lights at Danga Beach.

Dug our heels into the sand to take a pic with a cruise ship, and duly got our toes bitten by huge red ants =(

3 tigers and 2 pigs (the pig looks like a rabbit tho).

ANTM moment 😉

Went home and quickly removed our makeup and jumped into bed. But of course we didn’t go right to sleep, we camwhored for a long while first heh.

Takes skillz to take photos like these without a cameraman yo!

This is how girls look like when they dream of LVs and Guccis.

Hantu photo.

Yes, this is the same hot Bilin, I lie not. Yes, Robin, the same girl you go to bed with at night, better not turn off the lights hmmm?

The girls chatted on for a couple more hours but I was already fast asleep, exhausted from a lack of sleep and the long eventful day.

The next morning was a Crazy Hectic Amazing Race to the bus terminal cause we were sooooo late (no thanks to Lam Shun Chin) but fortunately we caught the bus just as it was about to depart. Damn malufying cause all the bus and taxi drivers there kept laughing at us and shouting “AWAS AMOI! Jangan lari nanti jatuh!”.

Our ride home ended quite abruptly cause Bilin’s dad had asked us to tell the bus driver to let us off just after the Sungai Besi toll. Which was exactly what he did.

“Bangun bangun, sudah sampai!”

Groggy from sleep, the 4 of us got off the bus only to discover we were stranded literally right after the Sungai Besi toll.

*EH WHAT THE HELL??! What are we supposed to do??

Sat under the shade of some huge advertising signboard while waiting for Bilin’s dad to come rescue us.

Bilin’s dad managed to find us not too long after, and all of us gladly piled into his car, relieved to be in the comfort of air-conditioning once again.

After that, I did not go home, but instead headed straight for Juju’s house for yet another Valentine’s adventure, but that’s gonna have to be another blog post 😉


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mein
    Feb 23, 2009 @ 20:40:14

    haha omg you all so funny.. blurlbur de.. too bad forgot 2 take photo wit u..

    now you know how kelian i am, travel alone to pudu then take bus bk jb, from jb bk KL stop at sungai besi toll then wait 4 jui 2 pick up.. since 17 yrs old..


  2. sooliping86
    Feb 23, 2009 @ 21:06:12

    yaaaa omg so sad didnt take photo wif u T.T

    actually damn kelian u lor.. so scary leh all the hamsap uncles haha…


  3. Soon Seng
    Feb 25, 2009 @ 00:07:39

    Jokes aside, that is one scary photo of Lynn. Like, whoa.


  4. bilin
    Feb 25, 2009 @ 04:46:43

    sooliping, that IS a rabbit la. the pig is on the other side. yen and i were born in the year of the rabbit.

    hahahhahaha robin actually asked me ‘how the hell did you guys take that pic from the top?! crazy..’

    i scary lehh! *proud


  5. bilin
    Feb 25, 2009 @ 06:28:46

    and robin said ‘ask soolipi sleepy to stop bullying me on her blog’ haha


  6. sooliping86
    Feb 26, 2009 @ 22:38:13

    WTHHHHHHHHHH Cris and I were like.. *Eh why the pig look like rabbit wan HAHAHAHHA!!! hahha sorry robin but since when i bully bilin, she mmg damn scary no meh… takes talentz wan k…


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