The Singing Mountain Princess

I just found out that I’ve gained a whole kilo in the past couple of months, and this just goes to show how slowly life passes by when you work for the government.

My enlarged bottom aside, I recently applied for a nametag (you know, the black and white teacher kind) but I’m rather sad to say it got rejected.

Simply because some people think BARBIE SOO “bukan nama yang serious”.

BARBIE betul!


Had a nice cultural night out with the girls plus one Mr Soon Seng at the theatre last week; the play in question was Puteri Gunung Ledang, which is currently already in its third running season. Woots! I bet nobody expected a Malaysian play to ever survive this long!

But in all honesty, the play brought some Malaysian pride home momma! Prior to that miraculous night, I never thought Malaysians could actually sing! Dahlah so hensem samo *swoons. I suppose then, that it’s not the singers but the lousy piracy-infested industry that sucks.

For that extra ummph! touch, we all wore (my) baju kurungs. Except for the dude of course, who would have looked silly, not to mention burst a button or two, had he tried. Oh wait, yeah, dudes wear baju melayu wtf my bad.

Kurung clad us plus somebody looking silly even in normal clothes.

Us trying to keep up with Soon Seng, inside the theatre.

Post-show autograph session: Hang Tuah, Puteri Blalalaverylongname aka. Puteri Gunung Ledang, and the princess’ nanny who eventually committed suicide in the play awww T-T.

This was when they spotted someone they knew *seramnye.

Only got to take pics with one of the kelefeh.

TARA! A door wtf. Well at least it’s quite an impressive one hmph.

And after that we drove to SS2 to bury our hunger pangs in KTZ’s honeydew lo and double boiled hasma with red dates and lo mai kai etcetc do not remember other chinese food names.

First time they had such greedy chinese looking malay customers wtf.

Bilin damn berskillz okay, can hold the camera and take photo sambil makan! Dis is what we callz natural talent.

Fast forward a week and my friend tells me that all shows have been fully booked wowwie! I can’t wait til they come up with another musical =)


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