Rumusan Tahun Baru Cina

Spent the first day of CNY at my paternal grandma + uncle’s house up in Ipoh, and was duely embarassed by Daddy who thought it was his house and started opening snacks and cookies and offering them to my grandma + uncle WHO LIVE THERE wtf. Worse still, he kept saying “mm sai hak hei” (don’t segan) and “sek toh tit lar” (eat more lar). HELLO it’s their food and their house lar!

Went straight from Ipoh to Juju’s granny’s house ohlala so fast meeting granny already! Thank god I don’t have the same habits as Daddy or else I might have gotten myself kicked out. “Po, sek toh tit lar, lei chu hou sek leh!

Fell asleep afterwards, and woke up with a strange mark imprinted on my tummy.

Mmm. OX. Doesn’t that ring a bell?

I refuse to believe that this is just a case of seeing what I want to see cause it’s a pretty well-defined “OX”. And no I did not scratch my own skin, I just woke up and it was already there like that.

WOOHOO look’s like this is totally gonna be a good year for me =) Juju was ecstatic cause he was born in the year of the Ox too. Mmmm but I’m a Tiger, does that mean I’ll gobble him up?

From this direction it looks like “XO?” (Yes there’s a question mark). Are the god’s asking if I like to drink Hennessy XO?

Second day of CNY was spent recuperating from the exhaustion of work + Bali + layaning my dad’s thick face + too much cookies.

And then it was off to Malacca to visit my mum’s side, which is never an easy task seeing as they all speak Hokkien oh lordy! Thank goodness they do also know Mandarin, and of course my Mandarin had improved so much over the past few years *cough* that I was even able to tell them IN MANDARIN that I DO NOT PLAN on getting married anytime soon *jual mahal.


Do not remember what I did for the next few of my Annual Leave days, must have just slept them away boohoo =(

And then Bilin the Lilin finally managed to touch down in Malaysia (after missing a precious £400 flight due to the worstest timing for giving in to Gucci/Dior/etc distractions) so we all had a jolly dinner together at Pizza Uno.

Or rather, we girls did. I think Su Khok was in pain the whole night.


I dunno, we always seem to end up talking about inappropriate girly stuff when we get together, regardless of company and surrounding.

“Yaaa my BRA damn uncomfortable laaa”
“I remember last time your BRA can see nipple wtf”
*Poke Bilin’s BRA.


But I suppose that’s just what girl friends are for.


Dinner ended unusually early at about 10.30pm cause I was working the next day. As I was walking off, I overheard the girls bitching about me.

Bilin: Working people SUCK!
Yen: Yalar, that AUNTY need to go home and sleep already…

Wtf. Not like I WANT to work wan okay if someone threw 10million bucks in my face I would quit my ‘job’ (Note: The inverted commas are there for a reason) in a heartbeat.

Work really is a bitch sigh.

On Friday, the Chinese clan at my office organized a lou sang lunch together and about 40 people turned up. The venue chosen was the popular New Paris Restaurant in SS2 which was packed to the brim with noisy Chinese people.

Sara, Voon Yuen and Barbie Soo wtf.

If you asked me to rate the restaurant, I would probably award it just 5/10, cause I don’t think the food was really anything to talk about. Goodness knows why so many people go there, maybe cause it’s not too expensive, I have no idea.


The 40 people consisted of colleagues from both the Bureau and Bahagian (that is, Bahagian Perkhidmatan Farmasi). Most of the people were complete strangers to me, which shows how noobish I am.

The incomplete Bureau PRP Gang (Provisionally Registered Pharmacist aka NOOB)

Right after lunch we went back to the office only to countdown til clock-out time. Friday’s are always such a blessing cause lunch hour is soooooo long =)

And then I went back home to sleep and was 1 hour late for another CNY dinner with the Bureau gang. This time, the other Bureau PRPs who are currently posted in hospitals (for 2 months) were able to attend so it was a jollier crowd.


Dinner was at Tasty Pot in Bandar Sunway and please don’t ask me to rate the food there either cause Imma start bitching again. I think it’s sufficient to say I paid RM25 for a buffet dinner but came home hungry.

So that was my CNY so far, tho we still have a couple more days to go til Chap Goh Meh. Am not going to throw oranges into a river tho cause I don’t think Juju would be too happy.

Until next time, toodles my friends.

(Will be updating pretty soon cause Monday is a public holiday woots!)


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tzeching
    Feb 08, 2009 @ 05:06:51

    you know when i saw the 4th picture i couldnt figure out if that girl was lilin or carissa, then when i saw the other one i knew at once it was lilin because she looks like a gnome! like a few years ago on one of my birthdays while i was blowing the candles on my cake hahahaahaha lilin do u remember you looked exactly like a gnome


  2. robin
    Feb 08, 2009 @ 20:41:18

    not fair not fair….i also wana lao yee sang and tasty pot!!! sigh..blame that stupid cfc roadshow..the OX on ur stomach is the messae from god asking u nt to drink too much laaa….:p


  3. Mark
    Feb 09, 2009 @ 22:33:15

    Barbie Soo…….priceless….


  4. liping
    Feb 11, 2009 @ 18:31:27

    tzeching: yeah man lilin’s candid pics all turn out like that…spastic rofl

    robin: haiyoooooo i dont drink at all pls ah

    mark: yeah that’s going onto my BPFK nametag okay…


  5. incaloarins
    Jul 15, 2010 @ 03:17:23

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    I the first day here.
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