Bali, cont.

The second day at Bali was quite the day of wastage.

For starters, we ended up missing the mythical sunrise (huh? what’s a sunrise?), making me regret choosing to stay on the east coast instead of the west coast. I think we’d have a much higher chance of witnessing a sunset compared to a 5.30am sunrise wth.

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west ladidaa…

Took the easy way out, and I cleverly (cough) placed the watch there so we could forever remember that we had breakfast in bed at 10.30 in the morning geewhiz what lazybums.

By the time we finally got out of the room it was bordering on 1pm and the sun was scorching down mightily on our poor sizzling skin. Mmmmm fried bacon anybody? S’okay I packed loads of sunblock phwwooar so no worries your friendly local Hantu Putih is still Putih.

Took a dip in the pool which was so deep I almost drowned yes I can swim wth.

Looks inviting and shallow, but no no it’s gotta be at least 6 feet deep and is probably home to the Tick Tock Croc me thinks.

After we had enough of waddling near the pool steps and getting scorned by a lithe 5-year-old swimming about in the deep end, Juju and I retired to the beach for a nice relaxing laze on the deck chairs.

Yups, bellystud is alive and well and non-pus-infected yumyum.

Not long after our asses had settled into the chair’s crevices, this old lady came along and destroyed all peace by screeching “Ten US ten US!” and waving colourful scarves about frantically, trying rather irritatingly to hawk her goods. Shitty part was she was standing between us and the beach thus ruining our view. Move it lar old woman!!!

Made for some beautiful photography, although the real thing wasn’t quite as pleasing to the eye (and ear).

No one else I’d rather share this corny moment with.

And so we got our coconuts by the beach at last =)

No one else I’d rather sip on coconuts with hoho I’m so romantic suddenly.

Feeling a little adventurous, we paid RM300 for a round of parasailing, a banana-boat ride and jet-skiing. Damn syok ok especially the jet-skiing although I killed the engine 3 times and the exasperated dude ended up driving for me. Too bad so sad no photos cause we didn’t want the camera to fall down from the parasail and get smashed on somebody’s head.

Oh and then I did something really disgusting.

(Asked Juju whether he would forever be with me cause I don’t think I’d ever be able to get another bf after this. And he said YES so here goes!)

Me: I really need to pee lar!!! But so mafan to go toilet.
Juju: Cannot tahan ah? Pee in the sea only lor.
Me: Eeeyer so disgusting lar I don’t want!
Juju: Haiyo nothing wan lar not disgusting lar. Come we go to the middle there where got nobody then I hug you lar then nobody will suspect you’re peeing.
Me: Harrrr dowan lar shy laarrrr.
Juju: Nothing to shy larrr.. Faster pee… *makes shhhshhh-ing noises.
Me: (Damn shy to say this) *Pees.

Later we go back to the hotel and Juju rushes into the toilet to pee.

Me: Why didn’t you just pee in the sea???
Juju: Uh. Cause it’s disgusting.


Don’t know what to say man.

And the stupidest thing is that I pee-d not once but twice ROFL! Okay I know you all don’t want to friend me anymore sobs.

My boyfriend is really THE BEST man wth.

Stupid umbrella…

The water was so clear we could see the seaweed growing abundantly in the sand and the pretty sea had 3 shades eeeeeeeeee! No the brown shade is not because of me I don’t pee that much thank you.

Dinner was had at this fancy place I read about on the internet called Bumbu Bali. The ambience was really nice and so was the service, but it was just too humid and we were too pooped out to really enjoy the food.

My cutiepie and two HUKASHAKALAKA drink stirrers.

“HUKASHAKALAKA,” said the drink stirrer.

We always demand for an isolated table so we don’t make the other diners throw up with all our baby noises and nose rubbing heh intelligent aren’t we.

Balinese food which is not extraordinarily different from our local cuisine.

Satay lilit adalah satay yang dililitkan around rumputlimau wtf.

Don’t eat the chillis, he sez. They’re just for decoration, he sez.

In fact, the restaurant was so fancy they even had a free chauffeur service which was a godsend cause having to walk back to the hotel after such a heavy meal would have been torture.

Only in Bali can you pay RM150 for a meal for two and get picked up and sent back right to your doorstep tsktsk I just love countries with weaker currencies =p


I’m starting to think the best part about Bali was the hotel.

The mandatory Writings in the Sand of every beach holiday.

This is what I mean when I say the hotel is separated by a road plus a guard who helps guests not become roadkill.


On the last day we hired a driver for a private tour around the island which was rather wonderful as we didn’t have to fret about transportation and places of interests and stuff. And we bought his ass service for only RM150 for the entire day!!! Cheapo!

Tired of all the atas food we’d been having, we had authentic babi guling in a down-to-earth stall for brunch.

The guide then brought us to the Mandala Wisata Wenara Wana Hukashakalaka (Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary Hukashakalaka) in Ubud where we could stroll around under the tree canopy, trying hard not to step on any furry tails.

Moss-infested entrance.

Gangster monkeys all had crew-cuts.

We got tired of the monkeys pretty soon (Malaysia bountiful lar, even my house has 2) so the guide brought us to a touristy shopping street selling touristy stuff for which we had not an ounce of interest. So in the end we went back empty handed and I didn’t get to buy a single souvenir boohoo =(((

Visited 2 or 3 temples after that and I cannot remember the exact number cause they weren’t that interesting.

So cute, we had to put on sarongs before entering.

Taking a dip in the holy water. Damn syok wan lar got our guide, can become the cameraman samo.

Stumbled upon a huge jackfruit *menjakun.

The Balinese washing away their sins in the holy water.

After that we took a drive up the mountains into a valley which overlooked the Kintamali volcano and Batur Lake. Unfortunately, fate had it that it was a foggy afternoon so we could hardly spot the pit of the volcano from the restaurant where we had a late lunch.

The buffet lineup was rather unpalatable.

Rolling mountains shrouded by a thick fog.

It was sometime after lunch that we realised we were way off our schedule and then the driver got all stressed out and started honking at everything that crossed out paths, even a couple of stray dogs.

No mishaps were encountered, and we soon found ourselves in a little foresty enclosure in which were planted various fruit trees and flowers. It turned out to be yet another touristy place selling local Balinese coffee which I do not drink.

At least they had a cute fat cow.

Honeybuns drinking Civet coffee which is coffee shitted out of a jungle cat, I lie not.

He managed to finish that tiny RM10 cup of poopoo coffee, and then it was another mad rush back into town for a nice relaxing spa massage. Our schedule was so tight that after squeezing in 70 minutes for the massage we only had about a 10-minute buffer to our flight checkin.

Started off with a nice rose petal footbath.

The massage was just so-so cause the place was kinda dodgy (for the RM270 we paid!) and the masseurs were too chatty. And all relaxation went out the window the moment my masseur told me to turn over and started massaging my nen-nen. I’m sorry lar but no matter how un-homophobic I may be, I still think it’s damn wrong for some Indonesian lady to be touching my boobs k.

Ended with a nice hot cup of ginger-cinnamon-lemon tea mmmm.

And then we made it to the airport just in the nick of time, 5 minutes before the checkin counters closed. But bloody hell the flight got delayed by 1.5 hours so I was freaking mad.

Balinese orange juice comes with CELLS!

Finally made it home after a bumpy flight and I was dead exhausted.

Nevertheless, this was the bestest holiday ever cause I got to spend it with someone who made every moment a happy one =)

*everybody go awwwwwwwwwwww.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Prof Tee
    Jan 31, 2009 @ 10:08:13

    soo li ping, u r damn disgusting ok, haha…
    ermm…perhaps more like u make things sound disgusting, haha, i always pee in the sea also (this explained why a lot of sea are polluted, haha, coz everyone did that), but after reading ur stuff i feel disgusted now, haha…=P


  2. sooliping86
    Jan 31, 2009 @ 12:41:41

    hahaha yaaaaaaaar i think actually damn a lot of ppl got pee in the sea b4 wan just that they dowan to admit oni!!! so now i’m trying to encourage everyone to not be shy anymore hoho!


  3. ironwoodsman
    Feb 01, 2009 @ 00:17:04

    u do know no one is ever going to go swimming with you ever again right?


  4. yun
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 01:22:28

    a very nice trip leh….i tot of going bali..but then now hor….i might change my mind….coz ‘GOT LI PING’S SHH SHH’….. how i wanna play water???ish ish ish….

    Kesian la whole life can’t go bali d…coz ‘GOT LI PING’S SHH SHH’….


  5. yun's boy
    Feb 06, 2009 @ 01:36:10

    aiyer….sungguh menjijikan….
    pencemaran laut!!!!!oh god….pls save the sea!!!!
    hope the coral n sea creature dun die….god bless….


  6. sooliping86
    Feb 07, 2009 @ 18:01:21

    haiya dont mengada lar u all… i’m sure you all oso got pee in the sea before just that u all dowan admit only =p


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