Bali was da bomb!

And no we didn’t get bombed.

For our first ever holiday together, Juju and I chose Bali as our destination – cause it’s cheap and we are cheapos, cause everyone else has been to Bali kiasuism rocks wtf and cause all the terrorists’ attention has been diverted towards Gaza and Bush so our getting out alive was pretty much a done deal woots!

After some rather sketchy research and hunting for hotels, I stumbled upon the Novotel – part of the giant Mercure hotel chain – in Tanjung Benoa which looked rather pretty in the photos (altho I do realise these can be con jobs) and didn’t cost too much. It was also located a fair distance away from the city center which would afford us all the privacy, tranquility and zen we were looking for. The perfect getaway.

Subang Jaya you suck.

Tanjung Benoa is so ulu it doesn’t even appear on the map in Wikitravel.

After a bumpy 3 hour flight on Air Asia *COUGH* we finally arrived at the airport tired, thirsty and hot – the lethal combination that cries out for a nice cold drink by the beach.

But that was not to be had, for we were still stuck at the airport boo, so we instead quenched ourselves with canned drinks from a nearby stall which deftly conned our tourist asses.

Close but no cigar, for coconuts by the beach would have been far sweeter.

Anyhuu, whilst we were standing by our luggage sipping on the overpriced liquids, this Indonesian dude walked up to us and started a rather cliche conversation about where we were from, how long we were staying, what we thought of Bali so far yadda yadda.

Of course, we all know nothing in life is free, even a simple conversation. Turned out the fella was one of those drivers-for-hire and offered to send us to the hotel for Rp100k (approx RM30) which was not too bad so we accepted.

Checking into the hotel was a bitch cause we were earlier than the scheduled 2pm check-in, so we wondered around the hotel, took a nice relaxing piss in the hotel bathroom and I amused Juju by making a fool of myself at ping pong.

The Novotel was damn special cause it was so frigging big it was separated into two parts by the main road wth and no prizes for guessing which side we stayed on – yup, the side with no beach. But that’s what you get for only RM300 a night, still a good deal I frigging rather walk across the road than pay the RM1k they charge for those who are wealthy enough to not have to cross roads. Hmmm somehow riddles about chickens are entering my mind.

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: To save 700 bucks wth.

Our room started off quite pretty, right before my teammate unloaded his stuff.

A quick shower and a change of clothes later, we went hunting for food along the street. Even though all the restaurants are geared towards feeding the droves of hungry tourists (hotels along Tanjung Benoa are literally built side-by-side in a rather crammed fashion), I found the prices to still be affordable. Although if you were to eat in a restaurant that the locals actually patronize the price would undeniably shrink to a tiny fraction.

The entire hotel was so tropical and green and soothing like that please do not try and squint up my ass thankyou.

The restaurant was nearly empty, but then again they probably only need fleece a few tourists daily to make a living.

The must-try I read on Wikitravel: Avocado juice yumyum made of avocado + ice + sugar blended together, which gave Juju nightmares.

Other Wiki must-tries: Ayam betutu, pepes ikan (it’s not my fault all the names sound so peverted okay) and more nightmarish avocado in a prawn salad.

Post lunch, we wondered into one of those little Ralph Lauren boutiques which come aplenty in Indonesia seeing as they’re made locally. The tees turned out to be too cheap to resist so we bought 3 each and paid RM460 for them all. I shit you not, less than 500 bucks for 6 Ralph Lauren polo-tees, do the math that’s like less than a hundred each.

Overkill – my plain ones were only like RM75 each, his were a bit more pricey.

After all the excitement over our new clothes, we went down to the beach to soak up the sun and waddle in the clear waters. Literally waddled cause I’m not too good a swimmer. The beach was a bit of a disappointment tho cause the sand was harsh and grainy and the ugly boats floating around spoilt the view of the horizon.

Bloated tummy is filled with pevertedly named Balinese food.

Dinner was had yet again in a touristy restaurant along the street because we are lazy asses who can’t be bothered walking far. We ordered a ginormous seafood set which was pretty yummy and cost the rather Malaysian price of RM150.

The set consisted of soup, a massive plate of seafood and desserts for two.

Massive plate of seafood – lobster, prawns, fish, sotongs, seafood satay and crab ooooooh allergy-inducing yummyliciousness!

And then it was back to the hotel for more camwhoring, everything just looks so dreamy and beautiful under the moonlight. It would have been tons better if there hadn’t been so many hairy half-naked people walking around and popping out from behind bushes. Nah I’m lying, the place was deserted.

The hotel has 3 separate pools – one for the ‘high class’ side by the beach and 2 for us poorer folk staying across the road. I guess that’s their attempt at making up for the lack of a Beachview by providing a Poolview wtf.

Somebody damn fast wear new shirt eh.


If you’re wondering why ancient Balinese gods look Chinesey, it’s cause Balinese culture is steeped with both Hindu and Buddhist influences.

Conned him into rolling up his pants and getting into the pool for some posing.

That’s me almost getting drenched.

No I hadn’t gone cuckoo (Malaysians spell it ‘kuku’ I believe), I was trying to make shadows on the wall but sadly I turned out looking like a hobbit.

And to end our lovely day, we had birthday cake complimentary of the hotel. Bless the precious soul who was attentive enough to notice that it was Juju’s birthday (by decoding his IC number I presume).

“Happy Birthday Mr Han” sounds a tad off tho.

Hotel people are so nice =)

And that’s just our first day in Bali. I’ve got to end my grandmama tale here as it’s seriously late and I have to get up at the crack of dawn cause we’re driving up to Ipoh for a day. Need to get enough beauty sleep, don’t wanna scare the relatives. Toodles and Happy Chinese Niu Year y’all!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lhf
    Jan 27, 2009 @ 02:25:45

    bali looks damn chun! more pictures of the scenery please.


  2. sooliping86
    Jan 27, 2009 @ 19:42:33

    i think the beach at nusa dua (just below tanjung benoa) would have been a lot better tho.. more pics coming up!


  3. soon seng
    Jan 30, 2009 @ 02:01:10

    Hey there! Happy CNY to you! I’m glad you both are safe and not bombed.


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