The ‘SK’ Confusion & Juju’s Pre-birthday Dinner

Over the course of blogging, there has been many a time I mentioned the abbreviation “SK” which has led to somewhat of a confusing state as many people don’t really know what it stands for.

I even manage to confuse myself quite often.

SK used to stand for Su Khok – our hengtai/chimui (whichever way you like it) over in the UK. And then Yun got a boyfriend so it became Shiu Kao. And then I started giving a damn about my skin so it overrode the both of them and change into SKII.

Things got even worse with Su Khok’s trip back home cause we could no longer type smses using “SK”, eg:

“SK damn chao ugly come home for CNY oso nv cut hair” – Click SEND to YUN.

Wtf can menimbulkan a lot of salah faham wan okay.

And then, we started getting them confused in our speech, eg:

“Eh when is Shiu Khok coming back?”
“Is Su Kao coming for dinner?”

Okay I’m pretty sure none of you are interested in either of them so all the words I just typed up there merely act as some sorta introductory formality before I whack you with photos.

So here you go: Photos of our long-awaited drinking session to celebrate Su Khok’s return.

Su Khok looking rather unfashionably Ah Pek. In the words of Yen herself, “Eiyer how come UK made you like that.”

The guys had a few pre-dinner drinks.

It turned out to be SOOOO funny that they had 3 beers each before going for dinner cause they ended up damn kap liu in the car and the road was super jammed hohoho.

And to cut things short, Alwyn got left behind cause he got out to pee, and had to walk to the restaurant bwahahaha!

The guys.

The girls.

Am red but not drunk. I just have this peculiar penchant for making ugly faces, and so does he yay we’re meant to be!

So meriah, sorta like a rehersal for CNY.

This is how I look like after removing 189.34kg worth of makeup woots.

Sadly, no one really got drunk that night cause this Su Khok was damn pussy ah ma and it literally took us 30 minutes of persuasion, threats and groans for each glass he downed.

And just when we were about to head home the neighbour from across the road came over to give us a nice scolding. Gee, I guess we were really noisy hmm?

Acting cute, even when brushing.


The next night was Juju’s pre-birthday dinner with the standard bunch of peeps at Logenhaus, Taipan.

Mr Soon Seng, whom I can totally hear go “heh heh heh” everytime I look at this photo.

Melissa and Kevin da Prisonbreak Gangsta.

My greedy bf and I.

E Guy looking like, uh, Andy Lau?

Marcus Moi the Buff and Chin Ju the Even Buffer.

Tan Ah Lyn and I.

Miss Khor Yenli and Mr Ah Seng.

Nigel and Michelle.

Somebody was so enthralled by the cake he started breathing green laser lights.

I’m sorry honey, but this is the only photo I have of us with your cake, and it’s going into the photo frame.

Hmm E Guy looks too happy, I better start being a little wary.

Somehow girls don’t produce quite the same effect of gayness.

Ah Kuang caught Ah Seng stalking Ah Lyn.

Yun, Shiu Kao and Yen.

I don’t have a single photo of Adrian, so here you go, Marcus and Adrian cut out of a group photo šŸ™‚

Groupie of the night.

I hope you had a great night sayang!!

And much thanks goes out to everyone who came and helped with whatever stuff. Especially to Soon Seng who stealthily called for the cake. And to Shirlyn + Logenhaus waiter who totally ruined my moment with Ju by telling me that the cake knife was here wtf.

*Ju and I enveloped in a loving smooch*
Waiter: Brings knife for cutting cake.
Shirlyn: Pulls my arm, *Eh eh the knife come already*
Dunno who: *Heh heh heh* at waiter.
Waiter: Turns red and heads back to kitchen.

So yet again, thanks to everyone for coming.

And Sayang, I love you muakz muakz!!!


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