Here’s to wonderful 2008!

Happy New Year dearies!!!! Another year’s flown by in the blink of an eye, and this girl’s turned 23 years of age overnight!!

I remember so clearly, it was only last year I counted down the precious seconds right in front of Big Ben and the London Eye, gosh that was a night to remember!

Yeah, it definitely way more happening than the Curve or 1U.

Blurry one of SK and I at China Town for dinner before the countdown.

Okay I’m not going to go into what 2008 brought cause I don’t wanna get all teary eyed and emotional here. All I have to say is that it was a great year, regardless of all the turmoil and struggles I went through (like trying to frigging graduate).


This year’s New Year’s Eve started off with a great lunch with the girls at Cris’ Mum’s restaurant, La Lavender Cafe, in Section 25 Shah Alam. Do head there if you’re ever in the area, I can guarantee it feels great being served by Cris. It’s not often you get to command a chick as hot as she, assuming she’s at work lar. If not then you kena one of the aunties already, sorrylah.

Juju and I being joint at the hip as usual.

Waitress Carissa in action, albeit not very enthusiastically.

And here’s a video of Cris In Action!!

Yun’s new bob is super cute don’t you think???

Eating at La Lavender was kinda like having lunch at Cris’ place since the food was whipped up by Aunty herself, except that we had to sit properly and behave ourselves. Damn keng lor her mum’s cooking skills, it’s a wonder Cris isn’t some fat dowdy Garfield.

Eh come to think about it, isn’t life unfair?? Her mum runs a restaurant and yet she still manages to stay super slim and hot what the hell.

The Hungry Bunny and her spaghetti wtf.

Cris and Yen were rather camwhorish that day.

Groupie: Me, Juju, Yun, Shiu Kao, Cris and Yen.

Groupie plus Chef Aunty in the middle.

After our long lunch, Juju and I headed for 1U to shop, where I got to spend a total of RM200 T___________T (only, in case you’re confused).

What the hell is this man, I used to be able to spend 200 bucks in under 30 minutes, GAR I’m losing my edge.

And we were supposed to go for the 98.8FM whatever chinese countdown concert in 1U but then both Ju and I were feeling kinda exhausted so we instead decided to join his friends in KL at the Renaissance hotel.

Found the place with the help of his new wife =(

GPS: Turn left in 200 metres.
Me: Right! Right! Eh listen to me lar your GPS stupid wan!
Ju: *gets confused and drives straight.

So yeah we kinda went about in circles until he managed to find a balance between obeying his first and second wives.

Finally got to the Renaissance at about 9.30pm where Soon Seng, Terence and Weng Hoe were already waiting.

Juju and his sexy tight pants, at the lobby lounge.

Weng Hoe and Terence had a few pre-party drinks.

Siow E Guy was supposed to check in at 9pm but they are not punctual people so we only got to go up slightly past 10pm I think.

The party kinda started off with everyone running around the suite, jumping on the beds and checking out the tv channels. Some dudes even took long steamy showers – together or not, I’m not too sure.

Soon Seng and I doing the distance-head size ratio thingy.

Quick quick camwhore before everyone gets drunk and ugly…

I look like a scary ghost wtf BOO.

The host for the evening being cornered into initiating the drinking.

Group picture yang tak jadi.

It was already bedtime for Baby Josh before the clock struck 12.

The actual countdown to midnight was a crazed confused mess cause we weren’t sure whether to watch the fireworks from upstairs or to head outside where we could hear the explosions.

They hadn’t taken down the pretty Christmas tree yet =)

After travelling up and down and around the hotel, our confused bunch finally decided to head outside cause kononnye more meriah if can hear the fireworks.

Mr “Beyond A Coffeecup” was so confused he brought his coffeecup along.

In the end, our decision proved to be a stupid one.

Cause, yes we got to listen to the fireworks, but that was about it.

The entire fireworks show was like frigging blocked by some stupid building, ngam ngam samo!!! All we got to see was the faint glow and an occasional spark or two popping out from the side GARRR!

You can just about make out the building on the right blocking our view =(

Can somebody please go chop down that building before 2010’s countdown?

First pic of 2009, spoilt by 2 random aunties clutching their backpacks. I dunno lar, they want to friend friend with us kot.

Groupie sans aunties, in the Clamping Zone of the Renaissance.

After the initial merriment, we headed back to the room for more drinks (altho I did not actually drink teehee) and games which was quite stupid cause people kept getting punished for random mistakes so the game hardly progressed haha.

The aftermath of overbuying alcohol.

One last groupie, minus some people.

And after that I peacefully went to sleep whilst everyone else came and went. I dunno lar since I started working all I ever want to do is sleep boo.

Quote AC: You’re becoming so aunty, can join Yun’s Aunty Gang already.

What the hell.

Anyhuu, here’s to a great year gone by – the experience gained and lessons learnt were invaluable – and hopefully 2009 will rock even more!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. robin
    Jan 03, 2009 @ 22:54:48

    Happy new year mum. Hope we will getting crazier in NPCB as years go by..LOL


  2. Soon Seng
    Jan 04, 2009 @ 00:08:56

    You can remember my banner very well.. Happy New Year!

    And I actually had 4 cups of coffee… 2 decaf…


  3. sooliping86
    Jan 04, 2009 @ 15:43:08

    robin: happy new year my dear son… hahaha! yeah hopefully all of us stay back at the bureau =)))

    ss: god, and you weren’t at your job or anything… no wonder u’re always so energetic…


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