Merry Christmas, y’all!♥♥♥

Christmas was officially over 6++ hours ago, and contrary to popular belief, I did not go out partying all night.

It had been an incredibly exhausting week for me and I even dozed off once at work (waking up a few seconds later only to realise I had dropped all my papers on the floor, how embarassing tsk). To recuperate, I took 2 days off which means that if you count in the weekends and public holidays I get a really long stretch off, from the 24th til the 29th – that’s 6 days babeh!!!

Almost a week to bum =)

Christmas eve was spent at 1U with the Sayang, performing miraculous last-minute crazed gift shopping for his family. It didn’t help one bit that both of us woke up late so we had very limited time, rendering our shopping spree extremely Amazing Race-y.

*Pant pant* Faster choose a shawl for your mum!
*Huff puff* I.Need.Water

From the old wing to new wing and back again, I think we passed each shop at least trice, which is no easy feat considering the gargantuan size of the mall.

We had a yummy home-cooked dinner at his place followed by Baskin Robin’s ice cream cake followed by more Baskin Robin’s ice cream sans cake.

Slurps, after all that hard work I think we totally deserved a high-calory meal.

And I think we’ve gone all dull, cause after dinner all we did to celebrate was fall asleep.


We weren’t even awake at midnight, how sad is that?

And because we didn’t take a single photo, here are some from yesteryears:

Sayang and I at 2 months together =)

I think my camwhore training is backfiring a wee bit.

Camwhoring with BamBam while waiting.

My elephant very posh and atas wan hor got wear tie so hensem.

He was so late I fell asleep. Yah. And my finger terpressed the camera button all on its own.

Anyhoo, BamBam’s tie is made from the ribbon which came off the box which was the home to…


The “Discovery Kit” consists of a foaming cleanser, the famed essence, a travel-sized toner and travel-sized makeup remover/cleanser and cost me RM320. The only sad thing is that it doesn’t include a moisturiser so I’ll have to get one separately boo.

I’ve been using it for a week now, but I don’t really see much of a difference, although that could probably be blamed on my lack of sleep. And we all know what horrid terrors that does to our skin, don’t we.

In any case, SKII is mainly meant to help “preserve” our skin, so I guess the real difference can only be seen like 5 years down the road when everyone else’s skin starts sagging and mine still looks like your baby’s butt =)

Yeah yeah just trying to justify spending 320 bucks.

Oh and btw Christmas day itself was spent sleeeeping the entire day which is my absolute idea of a perfect holiday =) But only cause Juju left me to go find some hot chick in Taiwan boo.


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  1. mein mein
    Dec 26, 2008 @ 23:50:35

    my bag nice neh.. haha 386usd.. new patern neh.. if you free help me go KLCC see m’sia sell how much..


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