5/6 @ Stadium Steamboat

Last night was the bestest dinner in a long long time because we FINALLY managed to break that “4/6” curse of ours.

Dunno if you remember what the “4/6 curse” is, but imma tell you again: We girls came up with this theory that we only ever get to gather 4 out of the 6 of us at any one time.

The six of us being of course: Yen, Yun, Shun, Soo (me), Cris and Lynn, proudly known as the PL[6]. The term “PL6” was mysteriously bestowed upon us by Ong Beng Hee’s dad, who was our squash coach at the time, and we’re praying it stands for “Pretty Ladies” and not “Perempuan Leceh”.

Anyhuu, lame names aside, last night was the first time in many months (since last CNY I think, when the one missing was me T_T) that we broke the 4/6 curse and actually managed to gather 5 of our kakis together YAHOOZAAA!!!

Sorry Lynn Lilin Bilin I wish you could have been there as well then we would have had ALL SIX omg imagine how noisy we would have been!!! T_T Back to high school days lor damn fun. Nevermind we’ll try again during CNY ya? (Fulamak “try again” like wanna get pregnant nia)

Yun, Shun, Cris, Yen and me!!!
Dinner (1)

Dinner (3)

Last night’s dinner at Stadium Steamboat along Persiaran Lidcol KL was the result of literally weeks and weeks of planning, phone calls and emails back and forth, to and fro.

Seriously it is damn frigging hard to get everyone (including the guys) free and available at the same time.

And to make things even more exciting, for the first time EVER the girls DID NOT outnumber the guys!!!

Yah!! Last night we actually had 5 girls AND 5 guys leh! But then the guys started getting too brave and cibai and wanted to challenge our ultimate supremacy wth since they think they had more kaki so got higher chance of winning wtf obviously you guys can’t win lar pfffft. Don’t argue with us, we’re always right.

Dinner (2)

We ended getting so engrossed in talking and camwhoring that we hardly touched the food, save for Yen who gobbled up a huge heap of BBQ chicken wings.

Cris and Yen being lesbo.
Dinner (6)

Shiu Kao and his pweety pweety diamante hair clip plus Yun giving me cock stare.
Dinner (5)

Yen, Cris and me kissy kissy.
Dinner (12)

After about 19746540938283 pretty photos, we started getting tired of posing nicely. And this was when our “natural beauty” started translating into the photos.

Yen imagining she’s a rockstar.
Dinner (9)

This 2 can star in toothpaste advertisements lar.
Dinner (8)

This photo is so funny cause Yen looks like she has either an Adam’s apple or goiter wtf.
Dinner (7)

Yep. This is how we look like in real life (Shun looks so doll-like btw).
Dinner (10)

We were all supposed to do the twinkle-little-star thing but everyone FFKed me =(
Dinner (11)

The guys (and probably everyone else in the restaurant) got kinda fedup and irritated at all our noise and highpitched ultrasonic scattering and incessant camera flashing. But it’s ok they had food and beer to comfort them so they can’t complain bleks *ignores dirty stares.

After that half the group headed off cause they had other plans and the other half went in search of dessert – with the help of Yen’s GPS no less.

After some huru-hara and scary turns (GPS OSO CAN GET LOST haih sat pai lar), we ended up in SS2’s KTZ pulak.

Greedy girls tsk.
Dinner (15)

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer Yenli the red-cherried erm… Jarjarbinks wtf.
Dinner (16)

My baby was a very well-behaved boy last night and did not complain about our noise hahahaha. Noise Tolerance Test = Pass. Yay he really does love me ❤

Sleepy sleepy…
Dinner (13)

Yen’s eye-opening technique.
Dinner (14)

And with that final scary photo, I thus end this photo post.

Let’s really try to get 100% attendance this CNY when Bilin and Su Khok come home k? =)


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jae Shen
    Dec 06, 2008 @ 22:45:16

    Nice hanging out wit your gang!!!


  2. Yenli
    Dec 06, 2008 @ 23:47:10

    cannot be this year. lynn wasn’t around for cny too.
    in fact i think it was 06’s cny leh…cris’ toilet moments. giler damn long ago.


  3. bilin
    Dec 08, 2008 @ 21:21:54

    how come yen and cris dress up then everyone else wear tshirt and tank top one haha!

    cny k k 🙂 less than 2 months time!


  4. sooliping86
    Dec 09, 2008 @ 01:45:29

    yen: omg yalah hor damn long ago lor T_T ish i tot lynn was around that time…

    bilin: YALOR!! alfred samo told me “DO NOT DRESS UP” manatau this yen n cris go wear so nice pulak haha… yen cause got dinner earlier and cris cause she didnt know we going to ciplak place…


  5. sooliping86
    Dec 09, 2008 @ 01:55:44

    jaeshen: hahaha as if first time seeing us lidat!!!! next time got any makan makan come along lar! and bring more of alwyn’s boyfriends too hehehe


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