The Bestest Birthday!

Just 2 nights ago I told Juju “Somehow this is my least anticipated birthday ever.”

Seriously I did not feel the slightest tinge of excitement or had any expectations for my kononnye Big Day. I suppose a part of me was still in denial of the fact that I would be losing my 21-hood at the strike of midnight.

Didn’t help that Juju would be in Sabah on my birthday either. First birthday together and he’s already MIA tsk.

The surprise gathering at my house at midnight did help set a more positive mood for ushering in another year and at that moment I was really glad for having such great friends <333

Because Juju wouldn’t be around on my birthday itself, I ended up waking up at noon and lazing around the whole day – such a luxury for me these days!

In the evening, I reluctantly got dolled up and slathered on a thick layer of age-concealing makeup. Used my new MAC fluidline gel eyeliner for the first time and totally fell in love with it. It just glides on soooo smoothly (but maybe this is just because of the super hebat RM80 eyeliner brush rather than the eyeliner itself) and doesn’t smudge when my eyes tear up and is goddamn foolproof!

The tiny brush cost Rm80 wtf and the eyeliner itself is RM62 – THANKS to Yun and SK for the gift. I super *hearts* it as you can tell!

I suck at using liquid liners and pencil ones just smudge instantly, so the gel is the best thing ever for me!


I was camwhoring in my bathroom cause I haven’t been bothered to get a proper full-length mirror for my room.

This year round, I wanted to have dinner somewhere traditional and Chinese-y. It would be the first time we’ve done so cause we normally go for western or Japanese fare. Damn fun wan ok can order chinese food like aunty!

Settled on Dragon-I in Pyramid since I’ve never been there although it seems quite popular.

Shun, Yun and SK.

Alwyn, Tim and Yen.

The menu at Dragon-I really got me salivating cause the list of dishes are accompanied by pictures, and we all know I don’t remember the Chinese names of food so I need to rely on photos. And if you really look hard, you’ll even discover a phrase on the menu stating that the menus themselves are sold for RM500 as souvenirs. No kidding. They actually considered the possibility of conning angmohs into paying 500 bucks for a colourful photo album covered in oil and grandmamas saliva.

While I was browsing through the menu, I got the shock of my life~!


I suddenly felt someone molesting me from behind, and even though I struggled, I couldn’t get free.

And then I smelt something familiar. (As geli as this may sound, it’s true!)



The bugger had been lying to me for two days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Apparently his flight schedule was changed so he didn’t have to stay overnight in Sabah afterall!!! And with the gracious help of Ah Yun, he managed to spring his surprise on a very unsuspecting me!

And after that while we were discussing all the ways I should have been able to smell a rat – his hundred and one hints, Yun’s constant messaging with someone other than SK, Yun’s sudden burst of mengadaness at our sitting arrangements – I realised that…. he’s a penipu besar. Heh.

And he called me “low IQ” sniff.



But thanks for the surprise sayang. You really made me happier than I can say. Although I was damn kayu. But that’s just how I am when I’m shocked =)

The Double Chin Gang (Pls don’t strangle me in my sleep)

Ehem. Single only larrr where got double???

Soon Seng does not like Tim’s tongue wtf.

This photo is funny in so many ways!!! Got RM500 menu growing out of her ears samo leh! Can start small business wtf.

Yes yes very gaya *yawn. Haha <333


Again, thanks to everyone for making this birthday really special!!!

And thanks to Juju for everything and yes lar you’re romantic lar can finally go to sleep in peace edi lor =p Love you!

Love all you guys too!!! <333


15 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Eelaine Boo
    Nov 13, 2008 @ 21:38:39

    Soon Seng looks like a tortoise in that single chin picture hahaha SORRY SOON SENG!


  2. bilin
    Nov 13, 2008 @ 23:04:55

    <333 happy belated birthday (again)!! so nice got surprise. i want surprise alsooo *envioussss

    ur make up so nice and u look so prettyyy 🙂 wah yj’s eyes also quite big hor. ur anak’s eyes sure take up half his/her face one wtf


  3. Yenli
    Nov 14, 2008 @ 03:33:18

    i thought shun shared for it too. yar her make up very nice…but it wasn’t only the eyeliner…


  4. Yenli
    Nov 14, 2008 @ 03:38:07

    oopsie tersubmit comment pulak

    anyway, your make up was different (in a nice way) but i can’t really pin point it. your lipstick was on the lighter shade but there must be something else! lol

    and damn chunted. timothy can actually hide behind me.


  5. yun
    Nov 14, 2008 @ 08:34:11

    haha..soo getting pro in make up d!!!..yes practice make perfect!!!!

    hmm..nola..shun din share the prezzie..ekekeke..coz our tradition was suppose to be dinner onli ma now…mana tau!!this time the tradition was broken by HAN YI JIN!!!! anyway thanks for the dinner!!!muahahhahaha….

    it was a really fun nite!!!!and all of us sure did enjoyed ourselves alot…

    hmmm…girl!!love u too!! *mUaKs*


  6. liping
    Nov 14, 2008 @ 11:57:16

    eelaine: WTH hahahaah luckily SS not so siu hei…

    yen/lynn/yun: HAHA thanks yeah i think i now more daring to use eyeshadows n stuff thats why. was initially using lipgloss but all hilang thanks to Juju *blush. and you guys still owe me a dinner blergkz wtf.

    khoryenli use your brain u can even block Dumbo if u’re gonna stand ten kilometres in front of him ish…. hahaha



  7. Yenli
    Nov 14, 2008 @ 13:34:55

    *cough* he was just sitting right next to me k
    and thanks for waking me up so early today…now i’m so bored huhuhu


  8. liping
    Nov 14, 2008 @ 16:05:43

    *cough* sorry ah i mati akal how to coverline edi =ppp

    hahaha sorry babe i totally forgot it was only 11.30. but nvm can increase my blog stats wtf.

    body balance!!!~ me is so bored at work wth


  9. Albert
    Nov 14, 2008 @ 16:20:26

    Happy Bday ! so many ppl help u celebrate bday, so meriah… !


  10. Soon Seng
    Nov 15, 2008 @ 00:05:35

    Eelaine: Must be my neck.. which seamlessly combines with my chin.. haha.. I have now been compared to a frog AND tortoise… =)


  11. Joyce
    Nov 16, 2008 @ 06:53:55

    SS: but you’re still cute <33333

    maybe i shd get those gel eyeliners oso. looks quite easy to apply 🙂 🙂
    and yalor liping your make up very nice :)))


  12. kiyuu
    Nov 16, 2008 @ 13:18:27

    happy birthday liping!! 😀


  13. liping
    Nov 17, 2008 @ 11:07:32

    SS: HAHA but u’ve also been called the friendliest person on earth k…

    joyce: yayaya get gel liners soooooo much easier to use!~ and thanks!

    kiyuu: thanks boy! u owe me a meal =)


  14. chinjutheoptometrist
    Nov 20, 2008 @ 00:27:49

    oh that timothy ah!!! now i remember!!

    and by the way there’s a comment in your later post, something like,”eguy and cj soto-ing as usual”

    it’s not something common.. u’re very lucky to be there witha camera at our every downfall.. 😦


  15. liping
    Nov 20, 2008 @ 08:31:23

    ishhh yes now u remember.. and soonseng came too so u wouldnt have been alone if u came cis…

    hahaah not so sure about that man i dont believe in coincidences..


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