10kg Eyebags Boo!


I know I said I don’t do much at work, but HELL my afterwork schedule has been jam-packed the past week! (I’ve been working for one week only hor anyway. How lar to survive I HATE WORKING SOBBERS!)


Went to watch 007 Quantum of Solace, which IMO doesn’t really leave as much an impact as Casino Royale, but is still pretty darn good compared to all the recent junk we’ve had. I bet Bangkok Dangerous left the male viewers wishing they had chosen to spend their time at home banging koks with their girls instead of with Nicholas Cage wtf. I watched it at the Premier Class lagi super wasted money lor sigh never again do I want to see Nicholas Cage’s horrid ‘Half & Half’ hairstyle: Half receding hairline + half a head of long straggly thinning black shit. If you know what I mean. Somebody needs to introduce him to Regaine® lar.

Anyhuu, do watch out for eye candy like Mr Daniel Craig’s crotch-hugging brown slacks and Agent Field’s (LOVE her Brit accent) knee-length boots that match her hair colour to a tee. Boy, do they have a great stylist!! And <333 Bond’s suits are never a let down – superbly cut Armani and Zegna stuff I presume?

Huffpuff why am I writing a movie review could I be any more boring! pft.

Something random but interesting I did this week was to get my eyes checked by Mr Chinju himself. He bought Ju and I dinner in return for us becoming his labrats in preparation for his exam (which he passed with flying colours btw, congrats!).

Motto: Willing to do anything for a free meal.


Did the eye test at Bangsar Village 2 where his uncle runs an optical shop. BV is like damn chao highclass lor, cannot shop there at all aih. Parking was itself a killer. But yeah we had fun doing the eye test anyways. Now I know why opticians do the things they do =)

Why oh why do the frames have to be so goddamn unflattering! AIH made my face look super fat leh.

Oi focus on the frame on my head not the yummy looking cherry behind me hor.

Oh and who’s your daddy!!! I wear damn demure to work wan k. Stupid government so kolot *grumble grumble. I like wearing the kurung tho, makes me feel like a hot school teacher hoho. AND a kurung set is even cheaper than buying regular OL clothes!

Hensem camwhorer with Parkinson’s.

Chinju wanted to smash the remote control on Ju’s head edi cause he was being so annoying hehehehe.

Sadly I didn’t complete my eye test cause I had been wearing my contact lenses for over 12 hours already and my eyes were really strained by then *boo. My eye power keeps increasing lar damn scary wei.

I told this story to a few people already, but I wanna tell it again:

There was one night I took off my contacts in preparation for bed. Then I saw my cat sleeping on the chair so I called her ‘Kitty.. Kitty…‘ lor. But she didn’t respond also damn lansi. So I walked towards the chair to pet her.

And then I realised I was calling a stack of newspapers Kitty wtf.


Tak jadi go Quattro yet again cause I need to gather energy for tomorrow’s session. Shirlyn and I will be celebrating our birthdays together weeeee. I wish my other SS girls were here sigh.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Yenli
    Nov 08, 2008 @ 03:57:01

    oh no worries because I didn’t go Quattro either. Ended up in a friend’s house instead.
    but did chinju call the nottingham gang? cause i think johnson was there.


  2. sooliping86
    Nov 09, 2008 @ 14:03:50

    hahaha wtf ok i dont feel so left out then… no idea whu went lar and i think johnson mmg suka suka clubs haha


  3. annousyfaks
    May 17, 2010 @ 09:33:30


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