My bf always brings me to ulu places heh heh

Was totally stressed out this morning cause I was supposed to go to a clinic to get my medical checkup done in time for my first day of work on Monday. A lot of shit happened and I ended up driving all over Subang in search of a clinic which could do my general physical + urine + x-ray but babi somehow all the clinics couldn’t do all three.

Ended up at Lan & Wong in Taipan. The doctor was a youngish man who was quite friendly.

But then hor, once he found out I was a pharmacist he REFUSED to perform the checkup!!!

He was like “WHY you want to do privately and waste your money??!!! Go do in UM only lar!!!”

I told him I needed it by Monday and he said “Haiya government no need rush wan la as long as you get it done eventually. You tell them you haven’t do they will refer you and let you go during WORKING HOURS lagi!”

And, “You go do in government hospital FREE leh! Can save RM50 then hopefully can buy 2 pairs of sandals” *glances down at my slippers and notices they were Nikes. Que awkward moment wtf.

Wahlan first time I meet this kind of doctor leh!

Yah so anyway I shall take his advice. No choice edi lor since tomorrow is already Sunday hmm.

After gymming in the afternoon, JuJu picked me up and we headed to Carrefour.

Damn weird right.

You want to know what’s even weirder?

We went to Carrefour to buy baju kurung. Wth.

I think he felt damn weird temaning gf to Carrefour to buy baju kurung haha. What to do, I have to wear baju kurung every Thursday ma government policy ish. But at least it’s comfy lar.



Then we went to the food section where I got totally insane and went way overboard. Gotta have a stash in my office in case I get the munchies lar.


Went to TTDI to this really cool bar/lounge to hangout with the guys. They ended up watching football which was frigging boring ok I almost fell asleep!!! Couldn’t even muster up the energy to go camwhore around although the ambiance was really cool. And the guys kept smoking and drinking beer T_T GAR!

Ok am very sleepy now shall go -_-zzzz toodles!

-=N of


I totally forgot to blog about the main reason I even bothered blogging today!!!

Already shut down my laptop but I restarted it just so I could write about this:

Ju’s & my anniversary falls on Bilin’s birthday.


Bilin’s & Robin’s anniversary falls on MY birthday!!!

Like wth is this cool or what???? SO COINCIDENTAL my goodness!

But I dunno whether to be happy or sad lor. On one hand we’ll always be able to remember each other’s anniversary (uh.. which doesn’t actually serve any purpose except to facilitate gossip) BUT on the other hand we’ll technically never be able to celebrate each other’s birthdays BUUHUU!~

Aih life is one big Korean soap opera.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Yun Kei
    Nov 02, 2008 @ 20:33:56

    That’s DR.LOO….is my customer…he is actually a very nice doc..ahah..oh..i din knoe he can do x-ray….din seem to bother much whenever i go visit him..haha..saje go king kai onli..jus to show face =P…..

    tomolo go work d wei!!all the best to u oh!!!!!


  2. mein
    Nov 03, 2008 @ 19:19:42

    haha, i tell you some people bring private hospital de medical checkup gov hospital dont accept then have to go gov hospital redo. Bf who bring you to aunty place is normally good bf..


  3. liping
    Nov 04, 2008 @ 09:09:50

    yun: OooooO yeah he damn nice lar… talk damn a lot nonsense… he cant do xray actually… i brought my last year’s one to let him see oni.

    mein: yeah!! my biro oso ask y everyone do private wan.. they say new ruling oni can accept gov… i think thurs oni i go do my medical checkup at UH lor… hahah ya my bf quite uncle oso


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