Lansi la now!!~

Ended up ffk-ing today’s Halloween clubbing cause my legs were seriously aching from yesterday’s gym and spur of the moment 2 girls and a club thing. Damn stupid lor actually. Plan plan for Halloween so damn long but in the end tak jadi go cause went clubbing yesterday pulak ish. Nvm I wasn’t in the mood for it anyways *emo emo wtf.

Was about to watch Episode 10 of America’s Next Top Model cycle 11 when I received a phone call from Su Khok all the way from UK.

chit chat bla bla bla

Sukhok: So you gonna start work soon edi rite? Bla bla bla. Eh Mr X doesn’t know I like to lansi wan rite??

Me: Yalor. You better don’t lansi to him I tell you!!!

Sukhok: Aiyak means cannot lansi about my pay edi… How much is your pay ah btw?

Me: Around 3.8k I think.

[I know I’m like supposed to keep my salary a big secret and all but I don’t see what the biggy is, not like I earn so much until some toyboy wanna come cheat my money also. Anyway as a government servant my salary is pretty much standard ma hor. And to be honest I’m not sure about how much I’ll actually be earning lar the 3.8k is just hearsay, manatau get 1k oni then I’ll have to chomp grass huuhuu.]

[See this is why my parents refuse to tell me how much they earn even until now 22 years old edi la dei. Big mouth oh big mouth…]

Sukhok: WAHHH! A lot wor you earn. Let’s see ah…. I earn around 2… no… 3 times more than you! *sniggers

Me: WAHLAN! Damn kao lansi lorrrrr!!! Babi you earn 2k pounds in UK still considered orang miskin k! Earn so much also no use anyway your place so ulu cinema also don’t have!!! Got so much money also got no where to spend for what you tell me?!! *simpan dendam

Sukhok: Yalor…. Samo now exchange rate 5.8 only… *slaps own face

Liping: 100 – Sukhok: 1


I really miss our sparring sessions lar. I shall go sharpen my sarcasm in anticipation of your return for CNY k! I haven’t had anyone to bash for so long already!

And omg why the pound-ringgit exchange rate so damn low edi wan?? Cis if only I was born like 2 years later then when I went over to UK to study I could have saved a few puluh thousand ringgit! When I went over the exchange rate was 6.9 leh!!

Can’t wait for CNY cause Bilin and Su Khok will be back home and we can go jalan-jalan cari makan and play mahjong wuuhuu~ ❤


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