Was supposed to go over to Ah Moi’s house to collect another 3 pairs of shoes (YAH MORE SHOES!! weee) which I tumpang-ed in her box when we shipped our stuff home from UK. And also to play with hensem Mr Penguin for whom the box was initially meant for, only the box was a little too short so after kena kurung for 3 months his Mama received a shorter, retarted penguin.

Yah but then Moimoi decided to ffk me *boo.


Went to the post office in Giant, USJ to post something. My god, the queue was frigging long. Took a number and went to Guardian to buy some medicines cause my personal “mini pharmacy” was running low on stocks.

[Digressing, my idiotic Cinapek boss back in UK scolded me for writing “stockS” instead of “stock” cause according to him “stock” is already a plural. Go die lah u think ur engrish better den me ah?!!

Wikipedia says:

In business and finance, a share (also referred to as equity share) of stock means a share of ownership in a corporation (company). In the plural, stocks is often used as a synonym for shares especially in the United States, but it is less commonly used that way outside of North America.

I korek wat!]

As typical of Guardian so-called pharmacies, the pharmacist had already “balik rumah” at 4pm. I heard that Guardian pharmacists earn about RM5k a month for 4 hour shifts (that would be 12pm-4pm) ohmygod I am so gonna be one once I complete my 4-year slaveship with the government. Better check it out properly first cause I don’t exactly have a 95% confidence interval on my information source heh hehheh I am so farnee wtf.

I miss being welcomed home by this sign on our front door.


Since the pharmacist was away I couldn’t get any hardcore drugs (period delayers, emergency contraceptives, boob enhancers, nose sharpening tools yadda yadda) so I had to settle for over the counter stuff.

Asked one of the girls there for “loperamide” as I suffer from bouts of diarrhoea quite frequently (Now you know, if I say I don’t wanna eat the cheap roadside chap fan it’s not cause I’m atas, it’s cause my tummy damn bersih ok! wtf)

The girl told me all they had was Ultracarbon and Imodium. Was damn tulan how can a pharmacy not sell loperamide ish.

Left the pharmacy and went back to the post office to continue waiting for my turn. Then it occurred to me. IMODIUM IS (the brand name for) LOPERAMIDE what.the.hell. Haih. See, this is what happens when you put a stupid sales girl together with an inexperienced pharmacist shynye malu malu ketiak berbulu.

Waited for about 40 more minutes til it was my turn. Went up to the counter and showed the lady my document. Then the lady terus told me “Ehhh kalau nak post saje pigi kaunter beli setem, tak payah ambik nombor punya.” WTF man I just blew an hour of my life sitting in between a perspiring old uncle and an aunty who kept jiggling her legs haih.

Super Lapsappo dyeing hair in UK.

To cheer myself up I decided to go shopping at SS15, although Ah Chin had forewarned me of the lack of pweeetty clothes there. Went to Cats Whiskers and discovered the truth in her words as the boutique didn’t have anything new for me to feast my eyes on.

Nevertheless, I still managed to spend RM130 on garments that were neither new stock nor on sale *boo.

Worse still, I think my dad cancelled my credit card without telling me. Haih why everyone so cruel wan.

I miss my bed in UK. At least it was an actual bed! Right now I’m sleeping on a mattress on the floor cause my brother dismantled and subsequently failed to reassemble my bed =(

Since my evil plan to swipe plastic failed, I’m even more broke *sobs. And don’t tell me I should have just not bought anything, susah payah try on clothes for over an hour already don’t tell me wanna walk away empty handed rite.

And now my laptop is acting up and being all gumpy and groany like a grandmama only. I can’t even log on to MSN cause everytime someone sends me a message or comes online my laptop freezes aih aih Fujitsu why you go and cheat my money T_T




K shall go make myself happy by drooling over Peter Petrelli.

PS: This is a random beauty video, but I find it so amusing cause in the background you can hear something that sounds like a guy TFK-ing bwahahhaa.

Stumbled upon the vid while I was scanning for reviews about foundations. Was initially considering getting the new MAC loose powder mineral foundation (released in Malaysian stores yesterday!) but I dunno lar the reviews haven’t exactly been fantabulous. Am definitely not going to get the MAC Studio Fix again cause it made me breakout boo. Averine’s pressed powder foundation was really great and gentle on my skin (until I smashed it on the floor of a restaurant thereby losing one third of my RM180 foundation which equates to RM60 worth of habuk) but the coverage was a bit too light. How now brown cow? My stupid Laura Mercier loose powder is quite a bit darker than my own skin so I can’t really use it as a temporary replacement especially since I would need to build it up a lot.

GAR! Suggestions anyone?


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lhf
    Oct 16, 2008 @ 01:33:26

    not too sure myself but i think your cinapek boss is right lah. you wikied a different meaning of stock


  2. sooliping86
    Oct 16, 2008 @ 01:41:45

    i realise u’re very erm… responsive.. when i write about my powderful england. i’m still not too sure which is right either, cause i still get hits when i google “product stocks”


  3. jac
    Oct 16, 2008 @ 05:21:14

    aH! My room! Wee!
    Eh why u got cacat chair wan?
    Not the blue roller chair?

    Oh and i super love your super lapsappo! Haha!


  4. Shirlyn
    Oct 16, 2008 @ 23:03:52

    hey woman..sorry ar i cant get medicines for u from my hosp la..kononnya we do stock count every 6 mths..damn crazy! and if i wana take med for ppl, i have to key in their reference number in the comp..which means u gotta b a patient in UMMC, then only i’ll b able to issue the drug out….

    but other hosps can just take ubat sesuka hati cuz everything is manual….u wana take how many drugs oso no problem…so ah-mein-ah’s hospital..


  5. sooliping86
    Oct 17, 2008 @ 04:59:23

    jac: erm that was before they changed the chairs. and i actually preferred the old cacat one cause more bercushion haha…

    lyn: laaaaa now i haf to buy my own clarinase damn exp wei RM10 for 7 biji!! k la i guess working in ulu hosps got benefits too…


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