AT LASSSTTTTT my craving for karaoke was satisfied!!!! I’d been yearning for a singing session since like forever but I never actually got to go since I only wake up at like 6pm everyday wtf.

Today, we were bumming around as usual when Yijin brilliantly suggested going to Redbox but since we were in SS15, Neway (neway? anyway? wtf) was a lot nearer and more convenient heh. Ended up singing from 1am til 4am.

Yijin naughty boy smoke ciggy drink beer tsk.

Regretted choosing Neway over Redbox cause the song lists there are soooooo outdated and totally suck. Our little rendezvous was quite costly too. Here’s the thing I don’t quite get about guys – die die oso they don’t want to face a little inconvenience to save money wan lor!!!

Normal charge = RM32++ inclusive of 2 drinks.
Member’s charge = RM12++ inclusive of 1 drink.
Membership fee = RM10

So right, if we join as a member we only have to pay RM22++ to enter as a member, although we get only one drink lar but like how much can one drink cost right? Confirm not worth 10 bucks wan lor.

Oh but nooooooooooo die die also the guys refused to register ishhhhhh!

Fine lah. Pay extra 10 bucks for dunno what nonsense drink. In the end they ordered an extra bucket of beer anyways. Total bill came to RM188 for 3 people GAR. But I shall not complain since I paid the least =p (Eh of course lah!! I registered ok! *bangga*) So in the end the guys had 1 jug of dunno what shit beer and 6 bottles of Heineken which were too much to finish in a 3 hour session anyways.

K lar I damn aunty I know *complaincomplain *nagnagnag *waggles fingers *kena slap by tulan guy wtf.


Teaching uncle Yijin to camho =) He looks quite uncle rite rite???

Fella kong out from exhaustion and tipsyness edi.

See I iz cleber. I iz bring water bottle so I iz saves kachingz $$$ wtf auntyness oh lord *kena slap again (Chin Ju doing robot dance behind there).

Stupid Yijin called me a mahchan samseng cause I sat like this =(

Nvm I still wuv you <333 (This is totally my angle!)

Totally looks like I’m spitting into the bottle. Sorry if the beer tasted a bit funky guys (HWWAARRR PUI!!).

Chin Ju being the ever supportive audience – sudah kong out masih boleh tepuk tangan ikut ritma.

Somebody morphed into a mahchan rocker tonight.

Camho-ho-ho dis is so not my angle man.

I guess you should be able to deduce from the pictures that Yijin was the one having all the fun, tsk blardy hogger!

Haha no lah it’s just that all his mahchan rocker songs damn hard to sing so everytime his songs came on I’d start camhoing heh.

So in conclusion the night was a blast but I still wanna karaoke more more more!!!

In other unrelated news, I finally collected my convo studio photos. Immediately lost the CD containing the soft copies so I had to take photos of the photos wtf. Don’t mind the blurness hor no choice edi.

Stupid studio lady kept forcing me to tilt my head until I look like I have a double chin KNN! Please ah, I know how to pose ok, no need you to teach!! GAR! Fatty chin aside, my blouse damn cute hor? Makes me look so lawyer-ish heh *muka tebal. But my fingers damn scary lar look like half an octopus.

Jengjengjeng presenting the Chopstick Family. With a family like that how can I NOT be skinny please you tell me (England powderfulnye wtf). And my eldest bro damn babi lar didn’t even wear a formal shirt to my convo cis. And sadly only 2 out of 5 people from the Soo clan know how to smile. Everyone else just stones.

Lastly, Alwyn’s birthday is tomorrow weeeeeeeeeeeee get to doll up pan leng leng for dinner =)))


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Albert Wu
    Oct 08, 2008 @ 11:39:06

    Weh ! Karaoke like that wan u guys also want to go ah ! come on… ! RedBox lah. Btw how do u pronounce Strathclyde ?


  2. Prof Tee
    Oct 09, 2008 @ 05:30:26

    lawyer-ish ur head, haha, lawyer blouse where got so fancy wan, haha, go see the real one in my facebook ok, haahah…=P
    ur octopus finger damn super cute, as if the cert is a live animal n if u hold tightly it will feel painful, haha…=P


  3. sooliping86
    Oct 09, 2008 @ 22:33:13

    albert: ish not that bad lar neway just that very few songs… strathclyde = strath + clide haha

    prof: ishhhh but its lawyer-ish no meh… haiya u’re the only lawyer whu liek to wear so buruk…i’m sure other lawyers pan leng wan k… =p i think my fingers look scary =(


  4. Prof Tee
    Oct 11, 2008 @ 00:15:55

    hahaha, i dun pan leng but i still wear real lawyer blouse b4 ma, u dun argue with me adi k, not lawyer-ish, i win, end of the story, haha…=P (pan wat leng la, at the end of the day ma hv to end up with simple white blouse and black pants/skirt, haha…)


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