Old boys’ lunch + MOS Euphoria

By the supreme powers of Facebook, Chin Ju found out that I knew Fu Wen, who was a primary school friend of his. Apparently Chin Ju, Fu Wen, Soon Seng and Adrian Fong Tien Ming (WTF of all people) used to be in the same class in Standard 4 or something. So anyways he gave Soon Seng and Fu Wen a call and we met up for lunch the next day.

Soon Seng, Fu Wen and Chin Ju all grown up awwwww.

It was quite amusing hearing them reminiscing about yesteryears and finding out who has changed and in what ways. I found out that Fu Wen used to be quite a handful, which isn’t really surprising as he still is, and that Chin Ju used to be plump ROAR bwahahahah!

We also experienced another “It’s a Small World” moment when we realised that all of us had a lot of common friends =) Btw I know this is random but the “It’s A Small World” ride in Disneyland is seriously a must go; can cry wan ok *sob.

Soon Seng act cute harhar. Fu Wen cut your hair dammit!

After lunch was a quick nap to regenerate my inner powers and holy energy wtf cause going out so much the past week has left me feeling really drained emotionally as much as physically.

A little after 10pm Chin Ju picked me and Kwo Kuang up to MOS. Omg when we got there I swear there were like ten thousand people in the queue!!!! It was flooded with DUDES!!! Quickly realised that ladies did not have to queue up to enter weeeee damn nice being a babe ok.

Yeah so I met up with Miss Khor Yenli (AHHHHHHH MY BABE!!!) and we went in to get our hands stamped with the “Mix Tape” stamp which ink is still indelible on my wrist wtf before exiting the club again.

Me and my babe! <3333

And then everyone panicked cause they couldn’t find us. Or maybe I’m just being perasan and they didn’t even notice we were gone *sigh. No but I got 2 phone calls from the guys so they did notice we were gone harrr!~

Anyhuu, Yen and I went to Kim Gary to meet up with Yun, SK and Shun for a short yumcha session since it was our first time seeing Yen after so long <333 Stayed there til a little after 12 when I got my SOS call to return to MOS wtf.

OK for the last time, on the left is YUN and on the right is SHUN stop getting their names mixed up people!

Until die also we will never get to gather our comple PL6 kaki lor!!~ The maximum we ever have is 4 out of 6 kaki =( Bilin and Cris we miss you guys!!! But come to think about it, I’m so glad for being blessed with these girls all these years <3333

Trying to hide flaws hoho.

[Cibai you ah! Other ppl go club of course wear black cause they wanna hide their flaws and fat bellies. But obviously someone as skinny as me will only be emphasizing my flaws by dressing in black what! Which is why I have to wear stuff like white tops with tiny dots which would have made everyone else look like Godzilla! pffft]

So anyway Yen and I returned to MOS where the party was already underway with only half a bottle left! In the end I managed to gulp down 2 cups and Yen just 1 pitiful cup before all the alcohol was gone boo. But quite funny also lar cause we were like damn sober but everyone around us was already tipsy and damn high like the blue blue sky.

Yo Mei (am I spelling this right?), me, Sue Ann and Yen.

Yijin buat bodoh, Joey, Yen and Kwo Kuang.

The music earlier on in the night was quite danceble and I think we sorta enjoyed it. Sad to say towards 3am the music started getting really shitty and the dance floor cleared out quite a bit. Oh well, that’s MOS for you.

Yen and I on the glass bridge. Loving her Coach wristlet *jelezjelez*

HAHAHAHA guy on the right was stopping his gf from crossing in front of the camera.

A very HIGH Yijin (who was not supposed to be in the pic btw), me and Chin Ju.

Yen, *forgot his name and Kissy Lips Keat.

A better picture of Kissy Lips Keat with Sue Ann.

Chin Ju’s body, Sue Ann’s head, Joey dancing and Yen flanked by two dudes.

Dude, you’re sweating buckets!

Actually everyone sweated buckets, pails, lakes and seas that night cause the dance floor was really packed and it was frigging HOT! Yen and I even went up to the tiny podium for a short stint to escape the crowd which was quite embarassing but oh well drunkards have poor remembrance.

Josh showing the world his nostrils.

Chin Ju, Ee Ping, Joey, Yijin, me and Yen.

In all honesty I have to admit that I didn’t really enjoy the night. I was already pretty tulan to begin with and what with the little drama that went on afterwards, I was damn stressed out lar.

But as always, what happens in the club STAYS in the club.

And to my dear friends, please just let me do as I please. Do not presume to know what I like and what I would normally do. And please please just stop judging me.

OH YAH SHIT!!! I nearly forgot about this!!! While we were yumchaing Josh picked up a “Fu” (Chinese prayer paper thing) from the ground and I was all like “Oh that’s Yijin’s” damn confident samo cause I know he has one. Totally forgot all about it until we were nearly at my house. But when I passed it to him he said it wasn’t his OH SHIT WEI damn pantang leh! No idea what he did with it after that but shit lar I feel so bad haih simply go steal people’s “Fu” =(


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. bilin
    Oct 04, 2008 @ 00:54:01

    yun’s complexion so nice already!! and all of you so pretty <33. yen doesn’t even look like she put on weight also! no double chin one *jealous

    and why was keat permanently kissy faced the whole night! ‘forgot his name’ is albertleongwengphoon, and it’s yomae haha.



  2. sooliping86
    Oct 04, 2008 @ 01:25:28

    apa jelez.. u’re like 46kgs only dei!!! and everyone says u’re damn toned samo!

    hahahaha yeah wengphoon dunno why tell me ten million times also i still cant remember.. and y yomae’s name so gaya wan cis i want gaya name also! mine damn cina ahmoi lar =(

    EH NOT FUNNY K!! damn pantang wan leh *sigh luckily i left it in Yijin’s car hoho =p


  3. wei meng
    Oct 04, 2008 @ 19:18:35

    hi, i am fine here. So sick of waiting for the posting letter. Think will get it soon la. Nothing much to do in penang other than eating and sleeping,haha!


  4. sooliping86
    Oct 04, 2008 @ 19:29:11

    yeah can wait until die wan lor.. i think november oni i can start work hahahaha… but its ok i dowan to start working yet also la…


  5. Soon Seng
    Oct 05, 2008 @ 01:23:09

    Hey, thanks for the invite! It was fun catching up (and finding out that Fu Wen was never in Australia, all these years)


  6. wengphoon
    Oct 05, 2008 @ 02:44:20

    sad man…my name so hard to rmb
    argh!! bilin…who is that..lol
    why that ‘full’ name??


  7. sooliping86
    Oct 05, 2008 @ 03:09:22

    ss: hahahha i totally forgot about it… call us out sometime lah when u have nothing better to do =)

    wp: yap lilin bilin hahahaha… and i dunno why i just cant remember ur name.. got wenglum wenghoe now wengphoon omg confusing~


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