A very busy day

It is 6 in the morning, my legs hurt like hell and I’m having a cold but I dunno why the heck I always feel compelled to blog before bed sigh. Let me see. This very long and exciting day began with me waking up to my alarm at 11am and duely snoozing for a further 30 mins before getting out of bed. I was supposed to meet a few Taylor’s classmates at Sunway Pyramid at 12pm but faham-faham lah I was about an hour late.

Of all places, we took a group photo outside Starbucks ish [FuWen, Camellia, Yannee, Shirlyn, Me, YimChan]

Had a nice long lunch/gossip/catching up session during which we realised 3 of us were pharmacists and the other 3 were soon-to-be doctors chewah. No but actually damn lame wan lar when medical professionals get together *yawn.

Desperate for a shopping spree, we (girls) hunted high and low and dug through piles of discounted apparel only to realise that shopping at Pyramid sucks bad. Refusing to surrender to the woe that be a lack of new clothes, Shirlyn, Yannee and I headed off to SS15 to pay the little boutiques there a visit.

[Harimau Pyramid, Camellia, Me, Shirlyn, Yannee] 1

Sad to say the racks in all the boutiques were pretty sparse. According to the friendly lady at Veronica’s Closet, the shipment of new clothes got delayed due to the Raya festival sobbers. Nebermind I still managed to buy 2 tops =)

Yah so don’t bother going shopping until after Raya.

Feeling exhausted and all shitty from my cold, I rushed home in time for a short nap before it was yet again time to PARRRTAYYY! We were supposed to go to the Hennessy Artistry event which starts at 9pm but knowing us, we only left Subang at 9.30pm.

Hennessy free flow, Shayne Ward, Until June and the Dey [Shun, Me]

GAWD!!! By the time we reached there, the club was packed to the brim and the line was spilling outside. So we waited around for about an hour but still couldn’t get in!!! GAR damn angry ok! I don’t even know who the hell “Until June” is! But yalah free flow what to expect…

Got to camwhore outside only =( [Me, Yun, Shun]

Whilst we were waiting in queue, the featured artists arrived in big white MPVs so being bored I also go sampat and joined the paparazzi. Damn shy actually haha.

Arrow shows one of the members of the Dey. Dey you belum bayar bil la dey! -_-

Until June. I SWEAR HOR!!! Once the door of the car opened I could smell ALCOHOL wafting from inside wtf!!! Hennessy van – Every guy’s dream come true.

Yala I know my paparazzi pictures suck la. Damn hard ok cause got so many people crowding the area and using their hugeass DSLR cameras to bang me ish.

Lenglui Yun and semi-lengzhai SK *bwahaha

Anyhuu, cause it was already so late I decided to fark the Hennessy event cause I just wasn’t up for getting squished by the massive crowd and blinded by the cigarette cloud inside. So I got CJ to pick me up and we headed for Bar Club instead. Not too long after, Yun, Shun, Alfred and SK gave up on the Hennessy thing and came to Bar Club too hoho.

Started dancing with random people on the dance floor. Not too sure whether they’re actually friends of friends or just total strangers *boo.


Some random guy with Ee Ping.

My face got quite red and I was rather tipsy by then [Joey, Faiz, Ee Ping, Amar and Me]

Faiz is so nice ok!! He like bought the whole bottle of whisky for us so we got to club AND drink for FREE *wuuhuuu. I’m quite a cheapskate lar sorry lar dey!

Random guy, CJ muka masam and another random guy seemingly sniffing sexy Joey’s shoulder wtf.

Somebody high already start to play “London bridge is falling down” heh.

Joey looks damn cool like Cyclops from X-Men wtf.


My face and neck damn red already.

Ok and then halfway while I was so-called dirty dancing, something upsetting happened.

See the girl in the purple dress below?:

I dunno who the fark she is la, apparently Alfred’s colleague. So anyways she introduced me to another friend of hers who by the way looks like a short ah qua. So I also like ok ok lar, oh got short ah qua want to dance with me ok lor. But then hor, she pulled me towards her and said

Kawan aku nak kenal kamu.
Panggil nombor ini.
Boleh dapat banyak duit.

And she slipped this note into my hand:


Whu the hell is Fu San???

And why the hell his number so nice wan???

And.. and.. how the hell he know I’m broke? heh

This one confirm pimp already lar. Where got normal people carry small folded pieces of paper with their number written on it wan??!!! Damn emo ok this is like the second time I almost got pimped by some girl!!! The first was in Velvet btw. And why are girls becoming pimps??? I thought pimps were supposed to be dudes with lots of tattoos and black teeth!

GRRRRR next time go clubbing I have to wear long jeans and not dance too much already la sigh. Better still just wear baju kurung la ish *emo.

But anyway didn’t think too much about it after that lar. Continued dancing away til my legs couldn’t take it anymore and then we had to surrender and go home. But gee I had fun =)

Hennessy – Bar Club


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mein mein
    Sep 29, 2008 @ 15:44:36

    err.. got gathering session without me.. sob sob…


  2. Soon Seng
    Sep 29, 2008 @ 22:10:58

    Wow, I haven’t seen Fu Wen in ages.


  3. sooliping86
    Sep 30, 2008 @ 03:55:09

    mein: hahaha sorry babe =(((( i miss u all leh haih!!!

    ss: omg do u like literally know every single person on earth ahhahaa


  4. AikChiew
    Sep 30, 2008 @ 11:29:09

    Fulamak.. got number XD


  5. mein mein
    Sep 30, 2008 @ 23:51:28

    OMG, miss those SS life..


  6. Soon Seng
    Oct 01, 2008 @ 01:16:32

    We used to be schoolmates.. =) SJ…And he stays near my place too!


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