K-Box @ Asia Cafe

Met up with the SMSU guys for a yumcha session at SS15 followed by a mini pool tournament between CJ and Eujin since CJ has been emo for a few weeks after apparently losing 6-0 to Eujin.

Look at Chin Ju (in grey) acting all macho there lol.

Whilst they put their skills to the test, we bystanders sat on the sidelines cheering them on half-heartedly. Actually we got quite bored after a short while lar.

They make a lovely couple: E Guy and Chun Guan.

I hate him cause he makes me look so short =(

Chun Guan – Me – Kwo Kuang.

After KK left, the cheerleading squad was reduced to just CG, E Guy and I. With seriously nothing better to do, the three of us decided to try out this amazing thing called the K-Box karaoke.

The letter “K” most probably standing for “Kecil“.

The K-Box karaoke is comprised of tiny little cubicles fitted with a modest tv and lau pek si sound system and they charge RM1.20 per song or RM12 for 12 songs. We went for just three songs to start off with.

E Guy damn funny lar omg so syok sendiri.

Much to our glee, it turned out to be quite an enjoyable experience, although there were only 2 seats and 2 microphones in the cubicle and it was blardy cramped with the three of us inside.

E Guy and Chun Guan in the Kotak Kecil.

Chun Guan and I.

Needless to say, the three songs passed by in a flash, leaving us craving for more. Gimme gimme gimme more!~

Excitedly, we went back to the pool area to try and convince CJ and Eujin that K-Box is fun! They eventually gave in to our harrassing and we bought 12 songs between the 5 of us bwahahahaha!

Group photo! I’m actually standing outside but you can see my reflection in the glass.

Workers there speak stylo milo English sial.

Eh but actually we soon discovered that the 2 of them act macho shyshy only leh!!! Both of them ended up having a blast drowning all their emoness in songs like “Kau Ilhamku” and “Hit Me Baby One More Time” hahahaha damn funny ok!

Chin Ju acting all shyshy and embarassed but I know he totally enjoyed himself!

It took quite a miracle to fit all five of us inside, what with CJ being so buff and all. E Guy had to literally alternate between squatting on the floor and sitting on Eujin’s lap hoho. No la not quite that gay but I wish I could see him on Eujin’s lap =p

Oooooo got big speakers behind us sial.

And finally, the icing on the mother cake of all embarassments, here’s a compilation of a few short video clips we took while singing.

What can be better than watching CJ dancing and belting out Malay songs at 3 in the morning huh?!!!

PS: All photos and videos will be up on Facebook tomorrow!

PPS: Was watching a couple of my old videos when I came across my favouritest of all!! Our Cindy Wang music video!! =))))))

Oh and also our sliding-on-binbags video!

Actually it wasn’t too long ago but for some reason it feels as if it happened years ago. Maybe its cause so many things have happened and I’ve changed so much in such a short period.

Gosh I miss those Syok Sendiri days and my Syok Sendiri girls!


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Shirlyn
    Sep 24, 2008 @ 22:27:03

    lp!! work is so tiring….better enjoy ur hols to the max now k!!!!!

    we need an SS gathering some time soon….=)


  2. sooliping86
    Sep 25, 2008 @ 01:09:13

    aiyoh yala i know!!! i dowan work la huuhuu but i damn broke edi =(


  3. mein mein
    Sep 25, 2008 @ 19:58:09

    ayo, i tell you that day i open all the video 1 shot let me mum watch she laugh until no sound.. so miss all the time.. my favourite video is the 1 winnie and simpsom dancing on the string de..


  4. lilin
    Sep 25, 2008 @ 20:25:11

    AHAHAHAH chinjutheoptometrist so funny when someone pulled his cap away he was like ‘OMG’ HAHAHAHAHHA. and this cg and eguy sing bsb damn emo ahahahha


  5. sooliping86
    Sep 25, 2008 @ 20:32:19

    mein: actually i think all our vids mmg damn funny lor!! (haha damn perasan wtf)

    bilin: hahahaah i know!! chinju keeps saying “aw muh gawd” in that gay way damn funny!!! i think eguy is gonna miss cg a lot lar… partner sudah hilang..


  6. Prof Tee
    Sep 26, 2008 @ 07:25:20

    la la la la la…Syok sendiri day with syok sendiri girl with master SS Prof Tee SS…hahaha…i m so bored doing my work, so i decided to bullshit here…=P


  7. neemeng
    Sep 29, 2008 @ 17:13:15

    we sure will carry on the imu tradition.. with much more pattern and style haha. act we d did. we rolled down the hill when we first come d lol.


  8. chinjutheoptometrist
    Sep 30, 2008 @ 15:15:31

    AMMAMAMAGHAD!! who gave me this name?? i like it lol!!


  9. sooliping86
    Sep 30, 2008 @ 19:29:21

    ss: eh no need study meh? later ur client get hukuman mati…

    neemeng: wah this junior damn lansi wor… anyway we will always be the original SS and u guys will only be copycats *hmph. hahahaha

    cj: hahahhahaha i tot u preferred chinjuthesteroidmonster


  10. chinjutheoptometrist
    Sep 30, 2008 @ 20:51:56

    … liping u damn bad..


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