Pasar Malam + Clubbing

Received an envelope labelled “Urusan Seri Paduka Baginda” in the mail today. Got all excited and stressed out cause I thought it was my posting information. Did not know postmen worked on Saturdays.

Got highclass folder inside lagi.

Turned out to just be my conditional registration certificate from the Pharmacy Board. Sigh what an emotional letdown. The stress stayed with me throughout the day too.


Seriously very stressed out about my posting. Please oh please let me work in KL!


Went to the pasar malam in Kuchai Lama for dinner today. The place is really ulu and the pasar malam isn’t too big either.

Was disappointed cause the food there kinda sucked. However, the RM8 dvds and RM10-for-3 music cds made up for it. Okay lar at least our time and petrol wasn’t wasted.

Got a call from Chin Ju ajaking me to go clubbing at Velvet tonight. Accepted his invitaion since he phoned me. Normally he would just msg me and I would thinkthinkthink and in the end decide to decline. But this time I didn’t have time to think so ended up accepting only lar.

Ended up having a great time there =) K lar maybe it’s just cause I’ve abstained from clubbing for too long.

No photos cause someone else whipped out his camera first haha. Will upload photos once I get them.


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