I am 22% fats WTH

Went to True Fitness today with Yun to enquire about a gym membership. Actually our main objective was to just get a 7-day (good enough) or 1-month (even better!) trial membership. But as usual lah the sales rep at TF dragged us around the center yakking about fitness machinese (omg machines + an ‘e’ = ma chinese wtf) and reciting random garbage she probably tells every single customer she sees.

After a grueling hour or so, she led us into the Doom Room where we were to have our body fat percentages measured.

Obviously I wasn’t really worried or anything, given that I was blessed with the figure of a top model. But also the height of a neanderthal and the face of a pig *sobbers*.

My fat percentage turned out to be about 22% which is alright for a chick. What frightened me was that my blood pressure was approx 90/60mmHg (optimum 120/80) which is very very low, and my pulse rate was about 100bpm (normal 60-100). I’m sure you’re not very interested but this means that my cardiovascular system needs a servicing.

Oh and also my basal metabolic rate is 1037kcals/day (normal 1500) which leaves me wondering why on earth I can’t seem to gain weight although I eat more than other girls. Not like I shit a lot also. Bullshit a lot got la. Ok I guess talking consumes a lot of energy since the tongue is the largest muscle and all.

After that, we spoke to one of the managers there about the joining fee blabla and omg that blardy ah pek I seriously wanted to scream at him and yank out his remaining 3 strands of white hair ok!!! GAR! Why is True Fitness SOOOOOOO sales oriented? Damn cibai ok. Samo the way he spoke to us was damn kao condescending, as if la I really give a damn whether the fee is RM111 (if I sign up TODAY TODAY TODAY) or RM125 (if I sign up tomorrow) OI YOU THINK I’M VERY POOR IZZIT I earn more than you ok!!! (Uh, when I actually start working lah). I’m not gonna commit to a THREE year membership on the spot just to save 14 bucks a month ok PUI!

And then I got mad at the stupid government cause I still don’t know where I’m going to be posted meaning that I can’t join the gym until I find out (in 3 weeks time). Who knows, I might get posted to East Malaysia where my only means of exercise would me swimming away from crocs (real Steve Irwin crocodiles ok, not talking about crocs shoes wtf) in the Sungai Sarawak or whatever the hell is the name of that long river.

In the end the whole thing was dragged on from 6.30 until 9pm and we were so pissed and hungry cause we had planned on going to Swenson’s for dinner since it’s Tuesday and Tuesday is Earthquake Day. But then no mood edi =( Thought can increase my fat percentage further samo.


Shall not mull over such saddening stuff.

In other happy news, Shayne Ward the first winner of Britain’s X-Factor (where Leona Lewis came from, besides her momma’s uterus) is coming to Malaysia!!! And we’re going to see him!!!

Actually when Flo-Rida came we soooo wanted to go but what to do sei Alfred didn’t get tix for us boo.

But this time we’re all going to the Orange Club at Jln Kia Peng (damn ah pek name) on the 27th of September to see him!!! Thanks to Hennessy of course!!! I think it’s gonna be a free flow event too yay!


Oh and I was stalking blogs before my nighttime bath as usual, and I stumbled across this pic:


Seafieldians please tell me, is that Bovies??? Hahaha did not know he’s now an airsteward. I guess the “Kehidupan Pramugari Yang Melampau” always appealed to his little brother. But yalah have to admit that boy’s got da goods! *sizzle*

Found the pic on Shirlyn’s blog, I quote: i saw katrina on the food menu of airasia…..i was like “omg! pa…this is my fren”…hahHAHa…. kat – looking as pretty as always….. (Kat is her friend who apparently drives a yellow BMW heh)

And Karen Siah thinks Bovies looks like Charles (Boey Tat Siang wtf I still remember his full name) which he does not but this just goes to show Seafieldians are HOT wtf no la, that the world is so small! Cause she doesn’t know Bovies and that he’s a fellow Seafieldian.

Another pic that caught my attention was from Dawn Yang’s blog:


OMG does Dawn not look exactly like Fiona???!!!

I know lah everyone says that Dawn memamg purposely modelled her plastic face based on Fiona but OMG they look like twins *cue twin fetish fantasies*!!! Damn stupid of her to take a photo with Fiona in it cause it just emphasizes what a good plastic surgeon she has hoho. And I think that Nat Ho guy got muka cibai la damn annoying and why is Dawn scratching his tummy?

Totally wish I could talk to Dawn. So I could get the number of her surgeon wtf byebye eyebags, big nose, single eyelids, big tummy, not-big-enough boobs.

Never satisfied tsk.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lala
    Sep 17, 2008 @ 10:46:31

    Dawn didn’t try to look like fiona, in fact people say they went to the same surgeon!!!

    Fiona did her eyes, nose and boobs. Go search for her old photos, they’re circulating on the net for many months now. She used to be single eye-lid, jackie chan nose, and runway flat chest!


  2. sooliping86
    Sep 18, 2008 @ 00:23:21

    dunno… that’s just what a lot of ppl speculate since fiona did her face before dawn…

    haha i think if i had the money i would go for it too… hohoho wtf…


  3. karen
    Sep 22, 2008 @ 15:06:58

    hahahahah omg liping…ur this one post is has so many things for me to comment! ok…i’ll go one by one…

    1. TF is shite. dont go there. ahahha im evil. well i used to work there. its BLOODY sales oriented, u got that right. but what u should know is theire machines are wrong. they suck. don’t believe them. And i think the cheapest club at home is Celebrity but i think is quite shitty also coz their trainers dont look very fit to me. But if ur in for group classes, take celebrity. If ur in for nice friendly atmosphere, take fitness first. TF is only if u wanna have bragging rights and point it out to ppl that ur gym changes colour at night. ahahha…

    2. actually the whole “cant get fat coz got high metabolic rate” is wrong. its a whole different biochemistry altogether. wont go into detail, but yea dont believe that either. u’ve just got a weaker fat storing system.

    3. i dont think bovies is a steward, kat’s not a stewardess. they’re just posing for the pic. and i still think he looks like charles leh. ahahah yes yes seafield has some pretty charming boys…

    4. cant believe u like shayne ward. hahah

    5. HI YUN KEI! =)

    haha alright…sorry for spamming…=)


  4. sooliping86
    Sep 22, 2008 @ 19:37:04

    ok this is officially the best/longest comment i’ve gotten hahaha…


  5. Yun Kei
    Sep 23, 2008 @ 21:43:32

    HI KAREN!!!

    haha..u r so cute….so TF is out!!hmm..where shall i go la….celebrity so far and mafan…hmm


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