Once upon a time, in a land not too far far away, there lived a pomelo so juicy and round. He was a real fashionista, this fellow, and had a habit of enhancing his natural (literally so) green glow with a few delicately placed banana peels on his voluptuous head.


Now, Mr Pomelo always considered himself a forerunner when it came to trendsetting (although his banana peel headdress didn’t quite catch on). Alas, the most unspeakable, unforseen, un..un.. uhh.. unhealthy tragedy occured when the forefather became the disciple and Mr Pomelo fell into the evil red-taloned clutches of pop culture.

He took a puff, that faggot.






Needless to say, Mr Pomelo soon got burnt out. Badly. Even his Best Friend Forever (BFF) Jack Skellington the Pumpkin King did not recognize the blackened pile of crap before him.

As the Malaysian government so aptly put it,

“Katakan TAK NAK! Setiap sedutan membawa padah.”


Sad to say the RM100 million “Tak Nak” national anti-smoking campaign failed according to Health Minister Datuk Dr Chihuahua Soya Leg (following which he successfully launched a career in pornography) (because there is in fact a massive population largely unaccounted for out there who actually enjoy jerking off to saggy old balls).

But oh well, what’s new.

The degradation of our political situation aside, this message is simple. Put down that cigarette and start breathing plain albeit partially dusty air like a normal human being.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival peeps =)

PS: Nothing and no one was hurt in the capturing of the above photos. Except perhaps one green, round pomelo which cost RM9.60 wtf but then again, we already ate the flesh, so the skin is probably worthless *shrugs*.


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