Sanctuary @ the Curve

Went for a yum seng session at Sanctuary, the guys’ new fav hang out spot cause it’s one of the bar/clubs around with reasonably cheap alcohol. Apala wanna club also have to be a smart consumer hoho.



The Curve’s actually a really cool place to hang out on Friday and Saturday nights cause the crowd mainly consists of young working adults. Unlike places like Pyramid, where you’ll be forced to cuci mata on underaged tweens and super lala teens trying to look cool by holding a cigarette.


Keith looking very happy to return Alfred’s money.

The thing about the working crowd is that they have more money to spend. More money equals better dressing equals more lenglui/lengchai to kap YAY. And also the fact that they tend to not be so lala which is good cause we won’t have to cringe or poke our eyes out whenever a muka babi girl in purple pants, green leggings and pink boots walks by. Want to see this kind of people go to Coco Banana at Pyramid.


Yun and SK brought me into the Ice Bar inside the Sanctuary which was really cool. Like literally. Reminded me of dear ol Scotland and why I will never ever go back there during winter.


The best part was that we only bought one drink (no money la haiyo) but they let all three of us in yippee. Love love love the hot pink bar counter.


This is how the place really looks without my camera flash. Very very misty BRRRR!

So anyway the sign above the door says that the temperature inside is about -15 which is very very cold! I think we were inside for less than 10 minutes but my fingers were already frozen dahlah the stupid jackets they provided were quite useless (probably made in China).

I was actually wearing this hideous bright green jacket (UGH! Don’t you just detest green??!) so I photoshopped the colour. Looks a bit fake, but it’s still way better than bright green.

I WILL FOLLOW YOU!~ Eh damn hard to change green into yellow ok!

Bright blue.

Yun’s bare legs were freezing up and I found ice accumulating on my handbag!!!

Stupid SK inside Ice Bar also wanna answer calls pft.

After we’d had enough of “chilling”, we sat outside Sanctuary with a bucket of beer to kap hensem dudes and hot mommas. Actually we were waiting for another bunch of friends, but they never turned up, so yeah we spent a couple of hours bitch staring tipsy girls walking in and out (my fav activity).

Oh and we also saw this super PEI ugly group of nerdy “working ladies” dirty dancing and trying desperately to look hot in Sanctuary. Seriously damn amusing to watch them ok got one of them damn kao nerd samo hoho. But they went home at 12 (why ah? mama scold? bwahaha) so we lost a source of entertainment =(

Hungry, we then moved on to McDs to use up the free nugget vouchers Bilin gave us. I wanted so badly to eat the Ayam Goreng McD but I only have RM50 to last me til Sunday so I abstained in order to save 10 bucks how sad is my life buuhuu.


Anyway, this is the first time no one got drunk or even close to tipsy during a drinking session haha. Ok I guess being broke is good for our livers.


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