Multiple thoughts

Do you even know the meaning of love?

Cause I’m dying to find out.

I was never at the receiving end with you.


A few random photos from my Prague-Salzburg-Munich tour back in May.

Haven’t gotten down to sorting out my tour pics til now.

I’ve already forgotten where half of the photos were taken =((( Totally mixed up about the countries.

Prague, capital of the Czech Republic. Didn’t do my research properly before flying there, and was totally confused about the name. Just came to remember that Czechoslovakia split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Night view, from one of the bridges in Prague.

Germany. At Hofbräukeller, which is one of Munich’s major beer halls and beer gardens. That small mug of beer got me reeling on my toes in Happie Dappie Land. I fly I flee I float wtf.

I miss the REAL beer gardens of Europe.

At the entrance to the spectacular Schloss Neuschwanstein in Munich, which was one of the finalists in the campaign to choose the New 7 Wonders of the World.

Photo lifted from the internet, but mark my words, they don’t come any more magnificient than this. The castle is so beautiful, just looking at its photos is enough to make me cry buuhuu.

Being all mysterious and coy and ugly in a cosy little beer garden in Salzburg, Austria.

At Mirabell Gardens, Salzburg. I have utterly and completely fallen in love with Austria, even more so than Switzerland (the land of dingdong cows).


Bye Bilin. I’ll miss you so.



Approximately 6 weeks til I get posted to godknowswhere.

What am I gonna do with no money =(

Oh, and goodness!! I really miss my long flowing hair huuhuu should have bought hair extensions back in UK. I’m sure my cinabeng boss would have given me a good discount.

*Que typical china-man-haggling conversation in my head*


I really broke until can eat shit edi. Wanted to call up my old agent for freelance jobs but apparently they changed numbers so now I have no way of contacting them buuhuu.

Emailed my CV and photos to some random emails I found on the LowyatNet Forums advertising freelancing jobs. Hope none of them turn out to be scary weirdos who end up stalking me 0_0.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. karen
    Sep 11, 2008 @ 18:25:38

    Li Ping!! =)

    hi girl, how are ya?


  2. sooliping86
    Sep 12, 2008 @ 02:13:59

    hey karen!!! u have SO got to tell me stories about chasing sheep in NZ when u come home!! <333


  3. karen
    Sep 12, 2008 @ 15:43:23

    hahaha! okok will do….but u gotta experience it for urself man! =)

    dang i need to go to europe…u and lyn making me jealous with all your toury pictures…


  4. Soon Seng
    Sep 13, 2008 @ 00:31:55

    What a small world.. *dreamy sigh*… =)


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