Shiu Kao + Su Khok = SK²

wtf lame.

This entire post is dedicated to this SKII cleanser called the “Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil“. But be forewarned that this is gonna be the most “pasar”-languaged product review in the history of history itself.

The thing is Yun started using SKII a couple of months back and omg let me tell you that her complexion has improved by a gaboozillion percent! Her skin is so nice that I seriously thought she was using foundation omg damn smooth ok!!! Even her old pimple scars are gone!!! GONE!! FOREVER!!!!!~ *beats chest dramatically*

Yah so anyway I damn jealous lar cause my skin is still like shit and breaking out sesuka hati although I’m already using Estee Lauder, and I’ve been seriously considering changing to SKII after witnessing the miracle that is Yun’s skin.

The only thing stopping me now is that I think I might be a little too young to start using something so “strong”.

Anyhuu, Yun gave me a trial size bottle of the Facial Cleansing Treatment Oil which is supposed to be a deep cleanser for removing makeup and (I quote) “dirt” (wtf it’s called impurities ok, so highclass brand also use this kind of language sigh stupid Japanese).


According to her she doesn’t need it since she doesn’t use makeup. GAR damn babi ok make me jealous only I know lar your skin so bu-ti-bul edi no need makeup also can get Shiu Kao to love you hoho.

Actually Shiu Kao is the one who made her change to SKII cause he doesn’t like her using makeup THAT BASTARD~ He thinks that rather than splurging on makeup that eventually blocks pores and causes breakouts resulting in us having to buy even more makeup to cover pimples (AH the vicious cycle that be beauty), we might as well invest on the good stuff so our skin will be nice enough for us to be able to go makeup-less out in broad daylight without scaring the shit out of our neighbours.

And he turned out to be right.

So I used the cleanser for the first time tonight and OMGGG my skin now feels like a baby’s backside!!!!


The only downside to the product is that it has to be used on totally dry skin ie. before a bath (I usually cleanse my face after bathing). And it takes a couple of minutes to really work the cleanser properly into the makeup and “dirt” which is a bit of a chore since I damn lazy normally spend about 10 seconds cleansing my face.

Nebermind, I pledge to religiously rajin-rajin use the cleanser and hopefully my skin will improve although I’m not using a complete range.

Sad to say that since I’m literally jobless right now, I can’t exactly afford to upgrade to one of the most expensive beauty brands yet. YET.

Can’t wait for my first paycheck =)


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  1. lilin
    Sep 10, 2008 @ 09:56:12

    YARRRRRR yun’s complexion sooo nice ady. i should’ve just spent my money on skin care instead of make up huhu.


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