Crystal clear

So, everything’s been settled in my head. The confusion’s gone and things are pretty much crystal clear. I only wonder how long I can keep this up before the past screws me over again. Somebody seriously needs to grow up, and I’m not referring to myself.

Sorry lah, I’m just extremely easily influenced, as much by you as by anyone else.


Met up with Cris on Monday and thoroughly enjoyed a looooong girly gossipy session. Yet another chat just like back in our high school days. Except now we talk more about STDs, OCs, sex and babies more than stuff like when to go swimming or why we hate Pn Suseela or why boys are stupid and we should throw rocks at them.

Yun, Cris, me, Lynn and the Happy Waiter.

Waiter behind is laughing at us cause damn jakun lar go take photos in Old Town Kopitiam ish.

I just realised standing beside Cris is the only time I get to feel like a giant hoho.

I wish the other 2 were here =(


Lynn, Shun and I went on a spending spree today. She got a manicure and I did full face threading. If you’ve never had threading done before, let me tell you that it’s damn super painful. If I were to compare it with any other types of pain, I’d say it hurt more than my belly piercing and about as much as my PMS. By the time the lady was done, tears were rolling down my red, bleeding skin *sobs*. She says it’s cause I have sensitive skin, but I think I just have too much bulu ish.

Aih. No pain, no gain. Oi leng, moi mang. A hairless face is worth two in the bush wtf. Bushy bushy beardo weirdo.

Shopped around the little boutiques in SS15 and omg we found sooooo many cute pieces, but sadly I only have enough money for buying working clothes so endofstorylar. Super hate having to get an entire wardrobe for work =( Samo can only buy dowdy kolot clothes as a precaution against inducing cardiac arrest in old ailing hamsap patients.

[Oh eh, there’s this boutique called “Fblquos” or some shit like that which is prolly some gettho spelling for “fabulous”. Damn gettho wan lar that boutique, even the 2 people working there were like gansta yoyohiphopper buff Indian dudes. Slurp, more candy for the girly eye!]

After that we went to Summit to shop. Don’t laugh ok, got quite a lot of stuff to buy there wan leh! (For poor people like me)

My happiest moment ever was when I paid the lalamui cashier RM65 for THREE (3) pairs of shoes!!!!


Damn happie with a capital D ok!


Sure, they’re cinabeng ciplak, but Imma be sen wise, RM foolish hoho. Yay, work that time can everyday do fashion show at the hospital lu.

Now Imma sayang my smooth hairless face to sleep while I dream about robbing a bank $_$ toodles.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mein mein
    Sep 05, 2008 @ 12:48:10

    hay senior say SOME hospital depends on wat hospital la, can only wear long sleeve n long pants/long skirt..


  2. sooliping86
    Sep 06, 2008 @ 01:06:17

    omg serious meh??? but we wearing white coat wat!! this is so stewpid ish!


  3. mein mein
    Sep 06, 2008 @ 13:23:20

    haha cos ai lian always say, work in hospital have to think mxlxy work as mxlxy and dress mxlxy


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