Merdeka in Malacca

Last Tuesday while Alfred, Yun, SK and I were having bak kut teh, someone suggested going on a short trip on Merdeka weekend to ‘jalan-jalan cari makan‘. We decided upon Malacca since it was pretty nearby and anyway it was my mum’s hometown. Which turned out to be goddamn useless since I was predictably hopeless at directions, and so was my mum boo =(

Like mother, like daughter – at least I know they didn’t kutip me from tong sampah wtf.


I was damn angry cause Alfred went and booked this 4-star hotel (Avillion Legacy Melaka) when I was budgetting for like some ciplak backpackers hostel hoho UK has thickened my skin. But anyway at least he got us in at the staff rate which was RM173 per room *sobs*.

Yala I damn kiam siap la.

We got there just in time for dinner, and after freshening up at the hotel, we went to Jonker Walk to indulge ourselves in some local fare.


Blardy asam laksa restaurant was so packed with people, customers had to line up for ages just to place their orders!!! But anyway I think it was quite worth the wait lar. I ate kaokao A LOT that day. Went back to hotel straight away pangsai wtf.


There was some open air aunty karaoke session thingy going on behind me omg damn noisy ok. Thank goodness Subang people not so kampung!

We ended up getting only about 3 hours of shut-eye wah damn headache, but we had to get up early the next morning since breakfast was included hoho.


Oh yah, the hotel happens to be beside a particular Soon Seng Plaza haha. I think Soon Seng is quite a common Malacca/Hokkien name cause I also saw a Soon Seng key repair shop wtf.


After breakfast, we decided to play the role of your typical jakun tourists and go visiting typical touristy places in Malacca.


They thought it would be fun to look like jakun tourists too. But they were wrong.

Damn ugly look like brinjal only.

We walked around Stadhuys Square (the Red Building) and up to the remains of the A’Famosa fortress. Damn stupid la actually haiyo cause it was frigging hot!!




After that we cabut into the Dataran Merdeka shopping mall to escape the heat. There was a Merdeka banner with photos of all our past Prime Ministers, which made me realise we’ve never had a female PM. Ish how can lidat!!


Nvm I become.


Ok damn stupid I know.

Let me teach you Mein’s method of predicting the next PM:

R – Rahman
A – Abdul Razak
H – Hussein Onn
M – Mahathir
A – Anwar

Eh can be wan ok! Altho I hope not la.

And then we spend some time trying to find this kononnye famous Cendol/Nonya restaurant which was recommended to us by a friend.

It was pretty darn difficult to spot cause it was barely more that a shack!!! But the place was packed with customers and the food was yummy and cheap!! =) A definite must-go if you visit Malacca. I even had to remove my belt cause I ate too much.


I think the cacat-ness of it also makes the experience that much more interesting. So patriotic, got Malaysian flag samo.

After lunch we went back to the hotel to rest, and then somebody decided it would be funny to lock my BamBam outside on the balcony =(((


Damn kesian.

After rescuing BamBam and snoozing for an hour, we decided to take a dip in the hotel pool, since we had had the foresight to bring our swimsuits along.




Bloop Bloop Bloop!! (Yun’s gonna drown soon)


Padan muka SK’s face kena cover by water hoho.


And lastly, my super cute bikini from La Senza.


For dinner, we found our way to the Portugese Settlement which had purportedly yummy seafood, but sad to say we were deeply disappointed, so no pics.

After that, we went back to the hotel for a drinking session.

And I ended up drinking too much and puking in the sink and toilet bowl. And I refused to get up in the morning so the rest had to deal with my puke everywhere hoho. Tai sei that’s for whacking me with newspapers and pillows and for stepping on me! Hmph!!!


They even made a haute couture outfit for BamBam wtf. Recycle, that’s what you do, recycle, ladidaa…


For lunch the next day, we spent ONE AND A FRIGGING HALF HOURS looking for this shop which sells satay babi since it was recommended by Alwyn Koay!

The satay babi at Sun May Hiong turned out to be another disappointment cause the meat was nothing more than slices of pork chop yuck damn dry. RM0.60 per stick samo GARRRR so not worth it ok~


After lunch, we headed for home, stopping by at Port Dickson for dinner, a walk along the beach and some photos. Since I am so jakun wtf.


I was quite sad cause Port Dickson was super dirty and the sand was so coarse I could have brought some home and used it as an exfoliating scrub!! Only I’d probably get eczema from the filth in the sand.



Luckily Yun and SK damn pandai, brought us to this super yummy and cheap seafood restaurant. From the restaurant, we watched the sun slip under the horizon and thus ended our 3-day Malaccan trip =)



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  1. Alfred
    Sep 02, 2008 @ 19:05:09

    I miss the sunset…. so yeng man!!! 3…..2…..1…… Gone!

    P/S: Don’t eat satay babi in Mallaca…. Suck to the MAXXX!!! I going to make alwyn become satay babi when i see him!


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