Convocation August 2008

Actually this is like the third time I’m convocating, cause we already had one before we left for UK and one in UK but dunno why IMU damn like to convocate their students so whatever lar.

At IMU for some briefing which was a stupid waste of time GRRRR!

And IMU is so cheapskate that they’ve resorted to hiring like 50% of the academic staff from India. As if our syllabus isn’t confusing enough, now the students gotta learn how to understand Indian accents ish.

The Indian lecturer in charge of giving us the briefing showed us the layout of the ballroom on the OHP and this proved to be the source of much confusion and amusement (photo damn blur sorry).


Student: Sir, where we sit??
Indian man: Here here *points to “grand-aunt”*
Everyone: OOoOOooOo!!
Student: Sir, where my grand-uncle sit??


It’s damn embarrassing ok ish graduant oso dunno how to spell!

On the day of our convo we were supposed to reach Sheraton Subang by 7am altho the ceremony itself starts at 10pm dammit la idiot lecturers. So I coerced my kaki to have breakfast at the mamak opposite Sheraton.

Shirlyn got halo chewah.


And when we finally arrived everyone told us that the lecturers were really angry cause they took attendance and we were the only people missing haha.

Was damn happy cause Yun and SK came to see me and bring me this gorgeous bouquet of flowers =)))

SAM classmates (minus SK). Yun and SK look damn off haha dunno why everyday oso have to wear same colour baju.



The ceremony was damn boring and I was damn sleepy and tired and cranky.

Hardly took any photos after the ceremony, except for a family portrait.

Don’t care lah. Third time around no feel already.


Off to bed, toodles.


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