Ministry of Sound’s Euphoria

Since Lilin Bilin and her angmoh bf were back from a week of climbing moutains, crawling through caves and fighting off leeches at Taman Negara, we made plans for another night out. This time, we went to the new club Euphoria aka MOS at Sunway Resort Hotel.

Euphoria has been getting a lot of bad reviews from the clubbing community because apparently the crowd there is darn sparse. According to the fags, it’s cause Euphoria doesn’t allow smoking in the club. But I suspect it’s due to the exorbitant prices they charge for the drinks – One bottle of liquour will set you back about RM400++ and it only covers 3 people. That’s like over a hundred bucks per person!

Tetek ku dicensor wtf.

This Lam Shun Chin was seriously excited about tonight, and she kept telling us that we had to be there by 9.30pm cause kononnye Ladies Nite was only until 10.30pm and there’s like this longass queue to enter.

Sad to say she was misinformed.

When we got there, the whole club was like ZZzzZZZzzzzZzzz seriously damn dead ok! But yalah it was only 10pm la so kinda faham-faham also la.

First photo of the night, taken by a bouncer.

The bouncer also took a photo of us with his own camera and said that the photo was going up on Euphoria’s website. Dunno if he was just bullshitting, but do tell me if you actually see our pic there!

Jakuning around.

We were there damn early ok!! So we just sat around the “Deq” (Deck) sipping our free drinks – Gin + Sprite. Cb gin tastes like perfume ok! Can’t they like at least give us vodka mix or something better ish.

Karen & Shun.

Lilin Bilin today wear not so sexy (but still can see a bit HOHOHO).


I must say that Euphoria is like the coolest club I’ve been to. The dance floor is pretty spacious and literally vibrates according to the bass (mmmm orgasmic!), the toilets rival that of a hotel (no sign of any puke whatsoever) and everything is just SO orderly and clean!

Seriously, the owner must be damn OCD lor! Like when Lynn put her feet on the table the bouncer immediately shone his flashlight at her and some kalafeh worker came and wiped the table!! Waaaaa! Tis is me home! =)

The transparent glass bridge. I swear I was terrified up there!


After finishing our drinks, we went back to the dance floor and OMG I swear there was NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON on it!!! Sure, loads of people were already starting to enter the club, but everyone was just stoning away at their tables. Too shy to be the first on the floor, I presume.

Nebermind. We is not shy ppl.

Yah, so the four of us went onto the dance floor and started shaking our booties.

And people actually cheered for us!!! Wah damn bangga sial haha.

Right after that, more and more people started coming down to the floor until it got really packed. So much so we kept getting knocked about by tall niggas and omg it was infuriating!

High heels suck.

While we were dancing I noticed 2 guys dancing with each other, looking pretty gay (haha). After some time, one of them asked Lynn if they could join us but I immediately halau-ed him and told Lynn “Fucking nerds” hahaha. Like omg how can TWO GUYS go clubbing together ish!


There’s actually water running down the panels behind us but you can’t see it in the pic.


I know, I know. Damn mengada la we all.


Sigh, I guess I’m the worst camerawoman.

While I was taking this pic a guy behind me actually shouted “Camwhore!” omg damn rude ok!

Actually as a non-smoker I was damn happy about the no smoking rule in the club lor. My hair was left un-ciggy-smelling and my contacts didn’t hurt and make my eyes all scary and red.

If you’re wondering why all the pics look so foggy, it’s not cause of ciggy smoke. It’s just their fog-making-machine thingy. At one point, we were dancing beside the fog-making-machine and everytime it admitted fog we started poking each other randomly HAHA cause the fog was so thick we couldn’t see who poked us. Needless to say the main target of our attacks was Lilin’s bossom haha.

I like this photo cause of that snowflake-looking thing on Lilin’s neck. And also cause Robin looks dumb bwahaha.


The most potong stim thing about tonight was that the music sucked. Bad.

Seriously, I would have paid somebody to shoot the DJ, except that he was rather hensem, so I tak sampai hati lah.

By 2am we were so fedup with the weird feng-tao-ized music that we decided to just fuck it and go home.

It’s really sad, actually, that Euphoria has everything right but the music. Oh well, I guess that’s just how the Ministry likes their music. Will probably not be going back there anytime soon.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Soon Seng
    Aug 24, 2008 @ 01:02:29

    Haha.. i’ve reviews ranging from saying that the music rocks, to your version.. SHows how varied musical inclination can be…


  2. sooliping86
    Aug 24, 2008 @ 04:39:08

    yar.. probably also depends which day u go la… cause we prefer R&B and they played like only 3 R&B songs the whole nite =(


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