Fatass Ah Fat

I’ve been staying at home for 3 days now, and boy does it get borrrrrring!

The trouble with being home so much is that I sleep 12 hours a day (yah, 50% ok), eat my “breakfast” at 6pm, my “lunch” at 3am and skip “dinner” altogether. If things continue this way, I’m bound to wither into the malnourished anorexic version of me in a month or so. And that’s not too far away, mind you.

Which is exactly the reasoning I gave my parents for going out so often.

Not to shop, not to lepak, but to EAT wtf.

Yeah, my parents actually bought it and my dad even gave me 300 bucks wtf. Enough to delay anorexia by a few weeks I guess.

The thing is, getting overweight wouldn’t be very appetising either, seeing that my (already small) head would probably look like the tip of a condom.


Hmmm… Not very pretty yah?

Right before landing back home in Bolehland, I tipped the scales at 46kg. Not exactly the ideal weight for my height, but I was already toot-ting party tooters noisemakers with my fart gas cause for the first time in my life I actually qualified for blood donation!!! heh.

Not that I actually wanted to donate blood or anything (I fear syringes!).

At 46kg I could actually pass the first line of defense of blood donating protocols – The weighing scales!! Up til now, I have never even had the chance to have my blood group tested cause those buggers always always place a weighing scale in front of the registration table KNN! (Min weight is 45kg btw)

Anyhuu, judging by my current weight, height and the size of my head, I estimate my optimal weight for achieving HOT HOOCHIE MOMMA status to be approximately 50kg. It kinda sounds heavy, but maybe I have solid bones or a bigass brain or something, cause right now at 46kg I still look all twiggy like this:


I only hope I’m not the type who only gets fat after giving birth!! Cause lord help me if I start getting munchie cravings while I’m pregnant and end up looking like this fatass when I’m 30 years old:

[In case you’re a new reader who’s just scrolling through my post, this is not, I repeat, THIS IS NOT how I really look like. Pls refer to photo above for the real 46kg skinny me.

(Haiya you never know what people might think lar. Cause like who the hell would wanna make themselves look fatter right)]

Gee, but if I ever do indeed grow to that size after getting the munchie cravings, I hope my hubby would still love me, condom head and all =)

PS: This is in no way meant to piss off you girls. I just think I should never weigh more that 50kgs cause my head would look like the tip of a condom (refer above).
PPS: Lilin said I can’t donate blood anyways cause they don’t accept blood from peeps who’ve been overseas for over a month or a year or something Huu~ =(
PPPS: Must. Get. Out. Of. House.


Edited a photo of Yun cause I really wanna see what she would look like with heavier eyeliner. I think she just looks soooo much prettier cause it makes her eyes look bigger. But of course, her stupid bf (guy with emo hair in photo) won’t allow her to use that much makeup. tee~ Being a BFF can be so hard when a boy comes into the picture!


No lar, just kidding. I *love* SK. Especially since he calls me Ah Fat wtf.


Malaysia kalah teruk in badminton. Both rounds punya points add up can’t even reach 21 points.

Why why Malay-sai kanasai??! T___T
(Eh why the mouth broken up like that… look like teeth haha!)


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Shirlyn
    Aug 19, 2008 @ 15:44:39

    woah! u seriously need to live a normal life wei…ur posts r like at 5am…n wat is this! eating ur 1st meal in the evening….tsktsk…

    n yun really looks nice with heavier eyeliner!! big big EYES!!!!


  2. sooliping86
    Aug 19, 2008 @ 21:04:07

    HAHAHAH yala thats y… start work that time maybe i just take night shift oni la aih…

    yaaaa but what to do her bf wants her all to himself huu~ nvmla easier to just photoshop her pics than go takau with SK haha!


  3. Yun Kei
    Aug 20, 2008 @ 09:05:50

    Hei..exactly…breakfast at 6pm..dem yeng!!!by 6 pm i dunno hoe many meal i took d lu..hehe

    aduh!!!paisehnya…haha..yeah..me not suppose to put make up also ar!!! haih..getting to be aunty or becoming ah sam d..sad case…hmm

    soo..ur fat pic is so ugly..ahhaa..so not balance..suddenly ur arm so the big…ekeke..


  4. sooliping86
    Aug 20, 2008 @ 20:32:57

    nvmla u got bf whu loves u edi..no need fishing like me edi maaaa… HAHA

    yarlar damn ugly thats y i can nv become fat la.. confirm kena call Babi wan ish.


  5. Alfie
    Aug 20, 2008 @ 22:21:20

    You hand look like alwyn’s right hand and roberto carlos”s right foot. Fantastic.!


  6. sooliping86
    Aug 21, 2008 @ 02:29:47

    eee not bad wor.. quite macho oso leh!


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